The 4th ‘R’ of Education: Rebellion

Last night, former gubernatorial candidate and talk show host, Morgan Philpot posted online a link to this alarming article from the Daily Caller:

Denver Public Schools pilot program to push ‘social action,’ ‘social justice’

According to NBC affiliate KUSA, Denver Public Schools is implementing a new system to evaluate teachers. In order to achieve a coveted “distinguished” rating, teachers at each grade level must show that they “encourage” students to “challenge and question the dominant culture” and “take social action to change/improve society or work for social justice.”

The new DPS teacher assessment system, called LEAP (Leading Effective Academic Practice), stems from state legislation passed in 2010 and is overwhelmingly funded by a $10M grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

So let me get this straight. The Gates Foundation signs a 2004 agreement with UNESCO to create a global education system, puts $100 million into funding and promoting Common Core, sponsors a conference on eugenics, funds biometric tracking of children, and now they are funding social justice based teacher evaluation systems. Darn, I wish I could find a pattern here that our state leadership could latch onto.

9 thoughts on “The 4th ‘R’ of Education: Rebellion”

  1. When I read this it started to make more sense of what I have noticed in my Jr. High and High school students’ educations of late. Many of their teachers had started to teach them the skills of argument – and none of my children have a debate class. There are some teachers who also express their views freely about very liberal subjects and expect the children to agree or at least not disagree openly or face negative consequences. We must let our voices be heard about things we don’t want our children subjected to. The class room is not the place for political agendas – for teaching our children the traditional school subjects.

  2. The type of teaching Christine (above comment) describes has been going on in the Park City School District for the past couple of years. Looking for the “argument” of just about everything to support the left liberal viewpoint of the teachers. This especially is going on in English classes, Honors English, AP Literature, which by the way, doesn’t address literature anymore. Instead, they analyze political cartoons to show how the left position is right and bring in The Inclusion Center to do “White Privilege” workshops and force the kids to feel guilty about being “White with unearned privileges” And steer them to understand how they will create social justice in the community. The war is on, and we are loosing. Our kids are being taught to accept their viewpoint, and theirs alone. My kids have holes in their tongues from biting them in class on a daily basis. They do what they know the teacher wants to see, to get a good grade on a given assignment, even thought they know (from being my child) that the teachers are steering them in the wrong direction.

  3. I recently moved from Utah to Texas, one of the states to opt out of common core, I will be interested to see what is being taught in our school district. It is frightening to see what is going on in our country!

    1. Leslie, I moved to Utah from CA to get away from this. I learned you have to be aware and diligent wherever you live. I’m glad you’ll stay diligent in Texas. We found the story about the RFID bracelets to track children from a Texas news site. Texas is certainly not immune. You are right. It is all over the country. Saying Common Core was state-led and will raise education standards was a big fat lie to trick parents and conservatives.

  4. The way to speak the loudest is to take your children out of the government institutions. Stop putting up with this. Parents, you have the upper hand if you would just do something, and stop trying to negotiate with the teachers or administrators, or telling your kids to keep quiet while they are hammered with indoctrination. That is not what school is supposed to be. Would you want to spend 6 1/2 hours or more per day at the school your child attends? I would not go back to that environment if someone paid me. Make sacrifices to do something different for your children.

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