Gates Funding Tops $100 Million for Common Core

100 Million CashWe already knew that the Gates Foundation was the driving force behind Common Core, funding the NGA and CCSSO to come together and develop them, but in this spreadsheet provided by the Pioneer Institute, they’ve been able to track publicly available grant information on the Gates Foundation website that shows they have put over $100 million into the development, approval, and promotion of Common Core standards. Check out the spreadsheet for yourself.

Gates Foundation Funding of Common Core (Spreadsheet)

You have to wonder why even someone as wealthy as Gates would put so much money into the Common Core standards.

2 thoughts on “Gates Funding Tops $100 Million for Common Core”

  1. Easy, he’s liberal and he just doesn’t get it, and is out in left field. It makes me sick to see what he has done with all of his millions in other ways, destroying the education of our children, teaching false information and ruining our country and ruining and trampling our constitution. Just one more billionaire in cahoots with all the greedy, money grabbers and communists we have in this country. Makes you sick, doesn’t it?

    1. I am so in tune as I explore this movement. I told my principal I felt like I’d returned to a communist state when I returned in my Utah district. I’d read enough about NEA that I was sick to my stomach, and when my husband said I needed to return to public school teaching to help pay debts, it felt like returning to a jail sentence. I’d worked at home in my music school, and doing the JPAS just absolutely killed me. It is like there is this PROGRAM that determines if you are a good teacher or not – someone’s pet project – and all the administrators are CONVINCED they are doing the best, research based assessment of teachers possible. There is NO better research than EACH personal teacher’s success! You can’t get it by widening the base of those in charge – ever. I told my principal during the questioning and interviews I felt like I was beng interrogated as a spy and enemy to education. I cried many times in the process, and felt uneasy about the activities they wanted me to do to be a perfect example according to the assessment.
      The schools are behaving like Pharoah – the districts act like they are the only smart thinkers left in the system and have to tell teachers everything to do. It is insulting. After 30 years of getting $6000 grants for my orchestra (private students) and running an absolutely amazing program OUTSIDE the schools, I had NO freedom to bring this to the public schools. They just “didn’t do things that way” and there was no notice of the SUCCESS of a teacher on their own accord and ability.
      I am sorry to hear Bill Gates has not understood what his money is doing. After retiring, I went to a common core meeting to find out about this website. I have nothing to lose – the pressure of it all feeling VERY WRONG made me retire early – giving up the last monies that would have put me into retirement debt-free…I just couldn’t work against my beliefs anymore. I loved the meeting where I learned about government interference – already picked up on that by reading a lot on NEA. Wouldn’t join that organization – they are IN with the feds. I joined a local – STATE ONLY union. They were super – UTU – Utah Teachers United. Very personal – one on one help. We are LOSING our freedoms, one at a time as we think we can trust ourselves to the larger state of control – our Federal government. The very thing the constitution was written to protect us from we are embracing and hugging the enemy – big government. YES – it makes me sick….I feel like teachers are Israelites, and the Districts are like PHAROAH – they are asked to PLEASE HELP, and instead they tighten up, take away our straw and still want the same number of bricks made. Impossible.

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