Here are county coordinators. If you want to help pass out fliers in your precinct area, please contact your county coordinator and volunteer to reach out to your precinct. Get the flier here.


Counties Name Email Phone number

Beaver County -Deyette Bradley 435-386-2610

Box Elder County -Tammy Ward435-553-5749
Box Elder County 2 -DeAnna Hardy 435-744-2456

Cache County -Melissa Draper 435-563-3161

Carbon County – Susie Stromness 435-637-5248

Daggett County

Davis County

Duchesne County -Diana L. Meacham 435-823-8013

Emery County

Garfield County

Grand County

Iron County -Lisa Lowden Lisa Lowden 435-233-8221

Juab County

Kane County

Millard County -Tina Anderson 435-262-2269

Morgan County

Piute County

Rich County

Salt Lake County -Julie McCleary 801-680-9687
SLC 2 -Wendell Ashby 801-875-9111

San Juan County

Sanpete County

Sevier County

Summit County -John Zimmerman 801-361-3719

Tooele County –

Uintah County

Utah County 2 -Elaine Augustine 801-717-6990

Wasatch County Alisa Ellis 801-836-6654

Washington County -Ryan Schudde 435-632-1964

Wayne County

Weber County

11 thoughts on “Coordinators”

  1. Is common core being used in all the school districts in UT? If so, which ones and which ones not please. thank you.

      1. I’m trying to understand if the federal common core standards that are being discussed are already being applied for the coming school year,or is there actually time to stop it still? UT did have a state common core, but not the same federal one that is being presented. Am I correct in this understanding??

        1. Alaina, Utah adopted Common Core. When they say we have a Utah core, they are misleading people. Utah fully embraced and adopted Common Core. There is still time to stop it but its one of turning the ship around. Please sign the petition and let your voice be heard.

    1. It is my understanding as an educator that the Common Core curriculum was purchased by the State of Utah for $34,000,000 from the Federal Government and that the program is a state-wide mandate for English, Math, and Social Studies. Just think where 34 million dollars could have gone to improve education for students in our state!

      1. Heidi, that is totally bogus. Where that misinformation came from, I don’t know. It’s only for Language Arts and Math.

        More here on how it was created by the states, with input from the NCTM and others:

        And from the Washington Post via the Salt Lake Tribune:

        From the article:
        “The Common Core is a set of guidelines that describe what children should learn and be able to do in math and reading from kindergarten through 12th grade. They began as a bipartisan, state-led effort and do not contain classroom curricula: States and school districts decide how to teach the skills and knowledge that the Common Core describes.”

        The top link is the source, and will give you the full history.

        1. Sorry, but no, you cannot go to the Common Core website unless you are looking for the propaganda version of their own history. The media have done a horrible job connecting any dots about how Common Core actually came about. Thankfully the major players like David Coleman occasionally let something slip to inform people of what really happened like how a small group of people were together and came up with this idea, got Bill Gates to fund it, and then convinced Governor’s to sign on. Watch David say it himself in the video in this post I put up yesterday. Then watch the Bill Gates video clip. Gates has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on this because it means big business. He put over $100 million into the NGA, CCSSO, and Achieve to create this monstrosity. That doesn’t sound “state-led” but “Gates-led.”

          Then I recommend you read the two articles at the bottom of this post on Agenda, and the Common Core Lies.

      2. Heidi, I am sorry that Oak Norton did not answer your question.

        Know that the federal government did not write the common core.

        Oak would only want you to read what HE has to say about it, not what is actually the case. Type in ” common core” and “poll” in the search box on either the Deseret News or Salt Lake Tribune websites to learn about what the opponents of the common core I’ve done in terms of spreading misinformation and misleading the public. It’s funny that Oak himself cites the State of Utah as the reason for the misinformation, not his endless propaganda from his group and websites, like this one.

        I went to one of the big meetings several summers ago, and was appalled at the amount of misinformation and propaganda that was shared. I think only about 25% of what I heard from the panel and/or comments was actually true. It was incredibly alarming, actually.

        1. Loren, nowhere on this site will you find that the federal government wrote the Common Core. It was funded by Bill Gates’ money which he gave to the NGA and CCSSO. Common Core is dying. It’s been proven ineffective (see Kentucky’s results here (, and admitted to be low level by it’s own drafters (hear Jason Zimba, lead math standards writer, say this about the math standards: “it’s not only not for STEM, it’s not for selective colleges.” It’s funny you say go check a poll on the media’s websites. I tell people to go to the sources like David Coleman, the chief architect. What does the state office of education publish? Propaganda. Here’s a prime example. Their own document cross referenced with dozens of source documents. Please feel free to rebut it.

          1. Where can I find a list of schools in SLC that don’t use common core? Any charter schools?

          2. Search for Utah private schools. Public schools are required to follow CC, although some of them try to exceed those standards. There are unique charters schools trying to really customize their offering like Canyon Grove Distance Education and My Tech High. These offer some unique non-CC programs. CGDE caters to homeschoolers as does Harmony __(?)__.

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