2022 State School Board Race Candidates

2022 School Board Candidates

Below you will find candidates to support for the State School Board and the following school districts:


The Alpine school district candidates I have personally spoken to.

The others for Provo & Nebo were endorsed at the GOP county convention when hundreds of delegates got to talk with and endorse the candidates if a clear majority chose to.

Davis were recommended to me by a trusted individual and they are below the Utah county districts.

If you don’t see someone listed that you think should be on the list, or you have vetted another school district, leave a comment below to suggest it and I will consider adding their names to the list.

This is your link to find your state board seat district you live in.


State School Board Candidates to Support

Seat 1 – Jennie Earl

Email: earldistrict1@gmail.com


Seat 2 – Joe Kerry

Email: josephkerryutah@gmail.com


Seat 4 – Melanie Mortensen

Capitol Hill East to City Creek, West through the North end of Rose Park, North through Davis County to Gentile Street in Layton

Website: www.VoteMelanie.org
Email: Melanie@VoteMelanie.org
FB: www.facebook.com/VoteMelanieMortensen
Phone: 801-898-1323

Meet Melanie

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Seat 5 – Laurel Fetzer

Murray, South Salt Lake, Glendale, and a big part of West Valley

Website: www.voteLaurel.org

Email: vote4laurel@gmail.com

Phone: 385-743-1755

Meet Laurel

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Seat 6 – Melanie Monestere

Website: https://melanieforutah.com

Email: melaniemonestere@yahoo.com

Phone: 801-898-1323


Seat 8 – Christina Boggess

Website: https://christinaboggess.com

Email: cboggess@pm.me

Phone: 801-872-3249


Seat 11 – Kim DelGrosso

Pleasant Grove, Highland, Cedar Hills, Alpine, Lehi, American Fork, parts of Herriman, parts of Bluffdale, and parts of Draper.

Web: www.KimDelGrosso.com

FB: Fb.com/KimForUtahSchools

Email: Kim@Kimdelgrosso.com

Phone number: 801-420-4018

Meet Kim

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Seat 14 – Emily Green

Website: https://voteemilygreen.com

Phone: 435-938-2652

Email: emily.green.k12@gmail.com



Alpine School District

Seat 1 – Julie King (Unopposed)


Seat 2 – Charles Wood (in Primary with Joylin Lincoln and others)

Saratoga Springs and West Lehi

Website: https://chuck.school

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chuckforschools

Phone: 801-367-6164

Email: chuck@lostjungles.com

Meet Charles

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Seat 2 – Joylin Lincoln (in Primary with Charles Wood and others)

Saratoga Springs and West Lehi

FB: Facebook.com/joylin.lincoln

Email: Joylinlincoln@gmail.com

Phone: 801-367-8191

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Seat 4 – Sarah Beeson is the new pick

Lana Nelson – eliminated in primary


Seat 7 – Cole Kelley

West Orem & Vineyard

Web: MrColeKelley.com

Email: mrcolekelley@gmail.com

Facebook: Cole Kelley Alpine Board of Education https://www.facebook.com/groups/344372721040403

Phone: 801-830-4191

Meet Cole

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Provo District – Utah County GOP Endorsements

School Board District 1 – Emily Clark

School Board District 2 – Denice Roney

School Board District 3 – No Endorsement

School Board District 4 – REMOVED


Nebo District – Utah County GOP Endorsements

School Board District 2 – Kristen Betts

School Board District 4 – Ben Woodward (constitutional libertarian not registered as a Republican so the GOP didn’t endorse him but he stands for the right things)

School Board District 5 – No Endorsement


Davis District

Jen Savage running in District 3:





Derek E. Lamb running in District 5:




Jenny Stoker running in District 6:

Vote For Jenny (votejennystoker.com)




Wendy Likert is running in District 7:

Wendy T Likert for Davis School District (wendyfordsd.com)





18 thoughts on “2022 School Board Candidates”

    1. Joe Kerry running for seat 2 of the state board is the candidate for Weber. Local candidates for school district I have no idea. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find out who those candidates are and vet them and provide that information back here for us. :)

  1. I’m concerned about two things with Cole Kelley and am curious your take. #1 It seems he will not meet the residency requirement as he hasn’t lived in ASD district 4 long enough. Also, it seems a huge conflict of interest (and I think it’s against the rules) for him to essentially be his own boss. Does nobody else find it concerning that’s what he wants? He says he will quit if he has to but really wants to stay on as teacher and board member. Thoughts on these two items?

    1. Thanks for asking Boyce.
      1) Cole does meet the residency requirement. He’s running for seat 7, not seat 4. He has no residency issue. He has verified this with the county clerk and ASD.
      2) First of all, I believe there are already some teachers serving on district boards, though I’m not 100% sure. The law is written to say “A member of a local school board may not, during the member’s term in office, also serve as an employee of that board.” (https://le.utah.gov/xcode/Title20A/Chapter14/20A-14-S202.html?v=C20A-14-S202_2022050420220504)
      What is an employee of the board? Is it the district office personnel, or a teacher in the district. All the policies I’ve seen call teachers employees of the district. There is an interesting situation already in play regarding nepotism. Right now, Sarah Beeson serves on the board and her husband Sam is a teacher at A.F. high school. If Sam was an employee of the board, that would seem a violation of policy, but if he’s an employee of the district, she doesn’t have direct control over him so it’s OK. I’m confident ASD leans toward teachers being employees of the district for this reason.
      All that said, Cole has indicated that if it was ruled he can’t be both a teacher and board member, he will take a retirement option and join the board. It’s irrelevant unless he’s actually elected and has to make a decision. In the meantime, please support his campaign and vote him into office so we can both clarify that law, and get a great conservative teacher on the board! :)

  2. Joylin Lincoln is a traitor.
    Under no circumstances should she receive an endorsement.
    The currently sits on the Lake View Academy school board.
    She voted down a “transparency in Parents Rights” bill and voted to censure the sponsor who proposed it.
    Joylin Lincoln is endorsed by the Union and Democrats.
    No way should Joylin have access to Alpine school district, which is large enough to be a government in and of itself.

    1. Katie, I don’t like the use of the word traitor. We have traitors in our midst, but that’s a word that is reserved in my vocabulary for very serious backstabbing. I would classify our current president in that term though as he is actively seeking to destroy America and the Constitution he swore to protect.
      Will you please post links to the claims you’ve made? That would be very appropriate.

    2. I have voted for parents’ rights for a long time. That is a core part of who I am and why I have helped start three charter schools and work in the charter school movement. I want parents to have a choice in education and it has to be a partnership. Parents are the experts for their children.

      I did not vote down a “transparent in Parent’s Rights bill, no motion was made. I also did not vote to censure the sponsoring board member.

      No motion was made because the school already has in place a process for parents to opt their students out of curriculum and library materials. We also already require the teachers at Lakeview Academy communicate with parents and provide lesson plans.

      Here is a portion of the minutes from the meeting.

      October 21, 2021
      e. Transparency in Education Policy
      Rene Loraine introduced the policy. Rick Veasy reported that teachers upload scope and sequence for administrative approval and the board approves the primary curriculum. Teachers’ lesson plans are approved each month.
      Joylin Lincoln clarified about the instructional use policy. The second part is covered in the code of ethics. Rick Veasey can reread the code of conduct. Staff can make a change to handbook to include aids in prohibitive behaviors.
      No motion

      Here is the existing policy that you can clearly see I voted for and signed back in 2006.

      Policy Type: Policy Title: Effective Date:
      Required Policy
      Instructional Materials and Library Disuse Policy September 21, 2006
      Personal or Family objection to particular instructional or library items
      Lakeview Academy respects the individual values and beliefs of the families in our school community. Therefore, if a family finds a book or media item to be personally objectionable, they may submit a request for their child or children to be excused or restricted from the use of that item. A form is available for such requests and is available at the following link lakeview-academy.com. If the book or media item in question is a part of school curriculum or instruction the teacher will provide an alternative course for the student/s to meet the instructional goal.
      The Undersigned officers and or directors of Lakeview Academy certify that this Instructional Materials and Library Disuse Policy was duly adopted as of September 21, 2006.
      Signature: ____Mandee Dean________________________________________ Print Name:_______Mandee Dean____________________________________ Title:_____________Board Member___________________________________
      Signature:___________Joylin Lincoln_________________________________ Print Name:________Joylin Lincoln___________________________________ Title:___________Board Member___________________________________

      Parents always should be part of the education equation. I have fought for that my whole life. I want education to always be about each and every child.

      I was endorsed by the delegates at the republican county convention. To my knowledge, I have not been endorsed by the democrats. I have met with the teachers union each time I have ran for a school board position, I try to meet with everyone who reaches out to me. The teachers union and I fundamentally disagree on some major issues, especially the process for firing a teacher.

      Please call me if you have questions. 801-367-8191.

    3. I would like to retract my statement about Joylin Lincoln.
      I do not know her personally.
      I misconstrued things I had heard about her from the public. Please accept my apology.

  3. I have been to a meeting of your group and all I heard were the same “sound bites”. As a former teacher I asked people to come to my classroom to see Common Core in action, but no one I asked would come. Yes, there are a few bad things about Common Core, but there is a lot of good. I urge you to actually go into a classroom and truly see what is being taught. Visit with the teachers.

    1. That’s interesting since our group doesn’t have meetings. I wonder what you heard and where you went. It sounds like you’ve never looked at the promises of Common Core (ex. revolutionize learning, fix America’s lagging international test score issue, improve on sliced bread, etc…), or the effects of implementing it. Across the board, Common Core has proven to be an utter disaster. Here’s one massive example: California, a Case Study in how Common Core Decimates Math Progress

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