Here are some resources we have produced and used at various times.

2016 Convention Flier: On the B&W version you can now type your name into the box and then print them out.

For color, print out 1 copy on a high quality setting or laser printer. Then print your name on a piece of paper in various small font sizes. Cut one out that will fit into the “Paid by _____” space and then tape it there with clear tape. Now make copies of the flier. (For a color copy click here_Color)

NCLB vs ESSA Side by Side Comparison

2014 Convention Flier: There are rules governing passing out fliers that seek to influence elections. You should write “paid for by [your name]” at the bottom of the flier before copying in bulk and passing it out.

Core Action: This flier is great for passing out at events so that people have an action list of what to do. It’s titled “So I know I don’t like Common Core, but what do I do?”

RNC flier: This is a flier of the Republican National Committee resolution that passed unanimously in April 2013, condemning Common Core for it’s violations against the RNC education platform and other concerns.

The Precinct Flier: This flier is for passing out to neighbors. Please contact the county coordinator for your county and volunteer to be a precinct captain and get these fliers to everyone in your precinct.

The 16 page Legislator booklet: Titled, “What the State Office of Education Isn’t Telling You About Common Core”

The Red Flier : This was our first flier which was passed out at a few county conventions and then mailed to all state GOP delegates and passed out to some delegates at the Democrat’s Utah convention. It shows three Utah leaders signing to bind us to the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, Governor Gary Herbert, Superintendent Larry Shumway, and State Board President Debra Roberts.

This chart (click to enlarge or get this pdf of it) illustrates how Common Core doubles-down on No Child Left Behind.

Double Down Graphic

Other Fliers

Ask Yourself a Few Questions About Common Core

GOP State Convention Flier – Front Side

GOP State Convention Flier – Back Side

Common Core Fact Sheet – Front Side

Common Core Fact Sheet – Back Side

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  1. Just a note to those who would like to print out fliers but maybe don’t have a good printer or can’t afford the high cost of doing the work at FedEx/kinkos. Many print houses have weekly gang runs where they can print letter sized things really cheaply. We have used North Star Printing in the past. You can get 1000 one sided prints for $40. Two sided prints are just a couple bucks more. I’m sure there are other places that do it too. This is cheaper than you can get 100 done at FedEx. I believe orders made by Tuesday are fine by Thursday of the same week. Not sure though. Have a great day, folks!

      1. I came looking for fliers to pass out without having to create my own and found two that have Michigan’s information on them. 1) Common Core Fact Sheet, and 2) Ask Yourself a Few Questions.

        1. A couple fliers were from other organizations that had good content so we shared them here. Most are from us and tie directly to Utah.

  2. My kids are out of school but I am fighting agenda 21 and this goes right with that I am in Logan and want to be part of this and help stop it so please call on me.

  3. Thank you so much for providing these for us. I have wanted to pass fliers out but I’m just so unsure of what to write. I knew I stayed up late for a reason. You guys are awesome!

  4. For anyone interested in material that explains Utah’s common core standards, here is a “Parent Resources” website from Utah State Office of Education. It has information specific to Utah’s implementation of Common Core.


    And more information from the national common core website that links to “Parent Resources” and information specific to other states via a US map image.


    1. SJ, honestly, who are you related to in the State Office of Education? You are their biggest cheerleader ignoring all the stuff we post that actually references source documents and listing any pro-Common Core resource that has no links to source documents. For a scientist, you seem to have no sense of proving things based on evidence.

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