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If you missed the propagandizing group-think Groundhog problem from a couple days ago, click here to see the first “math” problem in Granite and Jordan school district’s new homegrown Common Core math book for 9th graders (Secondary math 1 book). I strongly encourage you to read it first and understand that the critiquing and reviewing of peer’s answers are all through the textbook.

Below are a few other problems from the book which are further examples of indoctrination. This first one has the potential to intrude into the home and 2nd amendment rights.

Pg. 156

23. A serial killer is stalking the residents of Gloomy Falls, Mass., population 937. Every year the population
diminishes by 4.5%. How many residents are left after the killer’s three-year rampage? HOW WILL YOU

Are you kidding me? What if a child answers “I’d get our shotgun and kill him”? What happens to that child? How will he/she be treated? What will be noted by that teacher? “Oh, this child has violent tendencies. I’d better note that in his personal record or send him/her to the principal for a talking to.” Who wrote and reviewed this nonsense? Thank you Common Core and USOE for opening the door to the dumbing down of our children AND the propagandizing of them. Parents take note. You will need to be more vigilant than ever with what your children are learning in school.

Pg. 209

5.2e (apply)—Crude Oil and Gas Mileage
According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, a barrel of crude oil
produces approximately 20 gallons of gasoline. EPA mileage estimates indicate a
2011 Ford Focus averages 28 miles per gallon of gasoline.
1. Write an expression for g(x) , the number of gallons of gasoline produced by
x barrels of crude oil.
2. Write an expression for m(x) , the number of miles on average that a 2011
Ford Focus can drive on x gallons of gasoline.
3. Write an expression for m(g(x)) . What does represent in terms of the context?
4. One estimate (from claimed that the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of
Mexico spilled 4.9 million barrels of crude oil. How many miles of Ford Focus driving would this spilled
oil fuel?
5. Research how many Ford Focuses were sold in 2010. How many trips across the U.S. could every Ford
Focus purchased have made on the spilled oil fuel?

Nice hit job on “big oil.”

Pg. 181

Population and Food Supply
The population of a country is initially 2 million people and is increasing at 4% per year. The country’s annual
food supply is adequate for 4 million people (now) and is increasing at a constant rate adequate for an additional
0.5 million people per year.
1. Based on these assumptions, in approximately what year will this country first experience shortages of
2. If the country doubled its initial food supply and maintained a constant rate of increase in the supply
adequate for an additional 0.5 million people per year, would shortages still occur? In approximately
which year?
3. If the country doubled the rate at which its food supply increases, in addition to doubling its initial food
supply, would shortages still occur?

Having problems like these are troubling. Depending on the political bend of the teacher, it is easy for them to indoctrinate the class with a couple of quick comments or even a full blown discussion. Math is no longer math under such circumstances.


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  1. Last year I went to a Jordan School District meeting that talked about Common Core. I met one of the teachers that claimed to be writing, from scratch the Math books for this year’s students. She was a sweet young girl, perhaps in her mid-twenties. She was a deer in the headlights when I started to talk about my concerns such as these at that meeting. I was told that they new exactly what they were doing, when I asked, where they “the teachers” got their training to write these text books.

    How many times do we have to provide facts upon facts, use bullhorns, show the public how destructive the curriculum is, how convincing and sneaky they are about what they will be teaching. At the time, parents and admittedly the Jordan School Board acknowledged how bad it was to navigate their website to find the “examples.” Now that its fully implemented, its fully accessible. Timing is everything. Oh and by the way:

    Page 167 of the Secondary Math 1 virtual text book: “Medicine: You are an Olympic athlete scheduled to compete on Friday at 4:00 PM. On Thursday morning you awaken with a bad cold and consider taking a cold medication. You know drug testing will take place immediately prior to the competition and the drug test is capable of detecting 1 or more milligrams of medication in your system. After each 4-hour time period your body will have dissipated one-fourth of the remaining drug. If you take a 16 milligram dosage at 8:00 AM, will you pass the drug test to be able to participate?”

    ~ DID THE JORDAN SCHOOL DISTRICT just teach our children how to cheat a drug test?

    1. No, the Jordan School District did not teach our children how to cheat a drug test. This would teach them how to avoid a false positive. Apparently, the cold medication will cause a false postive result for a performance-enhancing drug.

      This problem could be re-written for alcohol instead of a drug. How acceptable would *that* be? Would you then accuse the school district of teaching our children to drive drunk?

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