How is this inclusive?

A few days ago I received an email sent from a Utah State Office of Education employee. I’ll leave the employee anonymous because it’s truly irrelevant since so many employees there are fully on board with this programming.

The email from the state employee is below my response. It was sent to teachers and administrators all over Utah.

******My Letter to this Employee & the State Board of Education

____________, in reviewing your recent email, I noticed this Ham4Progress scholarship you promoted is only available for children that are not white.

“The award is open to students who meet the following eligibility requirements:
·        Black, Latino/a, Indigenous, Asian, or Pacific Islander”

I see this is from a private entity so it’s apparently not state taxpayer funds being used to favor people based on race, but I am troubled why a state employee would promote a scholarship designed only for minorities.

Would you similarly promote a scholarship from another private entity if their scholarship was only for white children?

If not, why not? Would that be racist but this is not? I’m getting confused over how the new politically correct rules work when implemented because they clearly don’t work by logic.

Is the state not committing itself to the practice of “inclusion, diversity, and equity?” How is this inclusive? How does this promote diversity? How is this equitable? There are thousands of scholarship opportunities. Why would you promote this one that doesn’t fall in line with the new state policy???

Inclusive means comprehensive, yet the indoctrination taking place today has inclusive mean everyone but Caucasian. Diversity literally means having people from various ethnicities and backgrounds, but the indoctrination taking place is geared toward excluding Caucasians, conservatives, and Christians. Equity means being fair like the phrase “justice is blind,” but the indoctrination is straight out of Orwell’s “Animal Farm” where some pigs declared themselves “more equal” than others. Instead of equal opportunity, the preaching is for equal outcomes and the exalting of one over another.

The new “racism” is all about pointing the finger to make one race feel guilt, another pride, and the end result is exactly the division Karl Marx preached, not Martin Luther King.

It’s particularly troubling that a Social Studies specialist would send this out. My own deficient background in history and social studies is enough to recognize that all these idiotic policies being implemented lead to DIVISION, not UNION.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” (George Santayana)

Preaching white fragility, original sin due to whiteness, reparations, micro aggressions, and so on, are anti-Christian teachings. For a state population that is highly Christian, it’s stunning so many have accepted these teachings instead of returning to what the preacher Martin Luther King taught, which is what Jesus taught. Love one another. That solves every problem. Every problem.

All this other nonsense (and that’s putting it mildly) leads to fear and anger, and you know what the wise sage of Star Wars said about that. It’s the path to the dark side and we can plainly discern that’s exactly what’s happening right now. More violence and less tolerance leading to ripping the public apart, the goal of every Marxist who wants revolution which is what the foundation of Antifa and Black Lives Matter is based on, setting race relations back decades in the process.

It is my hope that the state school board will stand up to this nonsense and recognize the incredible harm that this path is promoting. This isn’t a “conservative” issue. It’s not even a race issue. There are evil forces at work seeking to divide people every way they can and it’s unconscionable that the state of Utah is promoting these divisions to state employees.

In a sad way it’s funny that the exact point I’m making is being illustrated in this email that the preaching of inclusion is clearly leading to exclusion.

Only true doctrine changes hearts and minds. Love one another led to the success of the civil rights movement 60 years ago. Historically, that’s the only successful policy for healing racial tension. Go watch the movie Invictus. That terrorist (Nelson Mandela) repented and came to the truth about loving each other and healed his country. The American terrorist Bill Ayers has been preaching the anti-Christ doctrine of social justice for decades and warping the meanings of inclusion, equity, and diversity. It’s a perversion of truth and leads us into dark paths and he’s been wildly successful selling this hatred.

Moses 6: 54. “Hence came the saying abroad among the people, that the Son of God hath atoned for original guilt, wherein the sins of the parents cannot be answered upon the heads of the children, for they are whole from the foundation of the world.”

We get what we preach. False doctrine leads to madness. Love conquers all.

Just a final word on your attached “Civil Dialogue” flier. It looks like yet another example of indoctrinating into these false beliefs.

“Teachers will…learn how to counter their own personal bias.”

Well what if a teacher just loves the children and helps them equally? Oh silly me, that can’t be happening. Teachers just don’t understand their own racism, right? This is insulting to teachers.

“Participants will be required to dedicate at least one class period Fall 2021 to practicing civil dialogue with their students…”

Does that mean other classes can be free from civil dialogue? Or is this just another thinly veiled indoctrination event? That would be my guess.

Dear State Board members, what direction do you really want to take Utah? This isn’t education. This isn’t progress.

Oak Norton


Here is the email sent out along with the 2 attachments (1 referenced just above)

    1. Civil Dialogue Utah 3Rs flyer
    2. Image:

UEN's learn at home resources*********


ABA Division of Public Ed Teacher Institute is Virtual This Year!

Judge John F. Grady Virtual Summer Teachers Institute

July 29th & August 5th, 2021

Here is the link to apply for the ABA Summer Teacher Institute:

Click Here For More Information and to Register

Utah 3Rs Project Civil Dialogue Training for Teachers (Flyer Attached)

The Utah 3Rs Project Civil Dialogue program will be held on the campus of Utah Valley University on Wednesday, July 28, 2021 from 9:00 am-3:00 pm. Optional tours of the Reflection Center and the Roots of Knowledge stained glass exhibit will immediately follow the end of the program.

Teacher incentives include:

  • The first 40 teachers to register will receive $100 stipends, which will be distributed after participants complete the evaluation for the in-service training and report on their Fall classroom civil dialogue session.
  • Participants will receive 6 re-licensure points for participating in the program.

If you are interested please contact Eleesha Tucker at the email address etucker@Utah3Rs.org to register.

More information: Utah 3Rs Project

Summer Professional Development Sessions from the OER Project Team

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They have just launched their PD schedule page (bookmark it now!)

Professional Development Schedule Page and Registration

You are welcome to sign up for any session that interests you. They are opening registrations on a rolling basis, and encourage you to save the dates you’re interested in now.

Scholarship Opportunity – Ham4Progress

Gilder Lehrman is proud to partner with Hamilton on the Ham4Progress Award for Educational Advancement. This award supports college-bound high school students from communities that directly experience the consequences of injustice and discrimination.

The award is open to students who meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Black, Latino/a, Indigenous, Asian, or Pacific Islander
  • College-bound high school junior
  • Minimum GPA of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale
  • Enrolled in a Gilder Lehrman Affiliate School

Recipients of the Ham4Progress award will receive $2,500 for educational purposes, such as

  • Test preparation courses
  • Tutoring
  • College visits
  • Technology (laptops, tablets, or other devices used for learning)

Applications are due June 30, 2021.

Please share this link with other teachers in your district and pass it along to eligible students.

8 thoughts on “How is this inclusive?”

  1. How do we stop this? What can be done? The indoctrination is moving so fast now and it seems to be growing exponentially every few weeks. Those on the left are devoid of logic and common sense. Hypocrisy doesn’t stick to them. How do you fight an enemy that doesn’t live in reality? As a parent with 5 school age children, I’m willing to get on the front lines and do whatever it takes to hold that line. Where do I begin?

    1. Step 1 is helping people become aware. So many parents don’t even realize yet that toxic poison is being pumped into their children’s minds. Look at this post as well:
      The whole chain of command from teachers up to legislators can be part of the problem. Solutions can come at each step if someone says “that’s enough of that.” In this case, widespread help will probably only come from legislative action from the top. Get in touch with your legislators now and build a positive relationship with them and show them the harm coming from this stuff.
      Yesterday I was sent a clip from a Utah whistleblower teacher who indicated that the rainbow flags and BLM posters in classrooms aren’t there to help children feel safe, they are there as prompts so the children will ask about them and then the teacher can deviate from the lesson and become a paid activist to explain what they represent. Classrooms are indoctrination centers.

      1. Thank you Oak. I literally stumbled onto your site yesterday by doing a search about leftists running the state board of education. The resources you have here are incredible. I had no idea I could opt my kids out of so much and became such a pita to the school board. My wife and I just joined the parents organization in our area. We will be doing everything we can to educate and fight back against the poison that flows through the school system.

  2. It is amazing to me what parents don’t know when it comes to their rights, such as testing, because it is not regularly published or required by general education school staff to inform them. Equally amazing is what teachers are not allowed to do in teacher/student relationships when it comes to educator bullying, coercion or indoctrination, because schools do not regularly warn teachers of these boundaries. Unions virtually do nothing to inform workers of their rights not be forced to teach propaganda that conflict with individual religious belief systems. This trifecta of weaknesses are where progressive anti-christian ideology easily creeps in without notice or objection–at least initially.

    1. Anon, can you further explain what you mean by “Equally amazing is what teachers are not allowed to do in teacher/student relationships when it comes to educator bullying, coercion or indoctrination…”?

  3. When we talk about educational equity, we’re really discussing what it takes to ensure every student is on the same playing field. In other words, equity focuses on what’s needed to make everyone equal. It doesn’t mean giving everyone an equal portion of the pie. For example, funding requirements to serve one student with special needs may be greater than funding requirements for a student without special needs — schools and systems may need to make special accommodations, like a ramp or a specialist who goes from class to class with a student, which is something that can’t be extended to all students and which costs a LOT of money. You may have seen the somewhat trite but true analogy of a bandage; the student with the bleeding knee is the one who gets a bandage because that student is the one who needs the “boost” or bandage at the moment in order to level the playing field with the other students. In terms of the Ham4education scholarship — a privately funded scholarship that is only available to students of specific races that have historically been marginalized and are still feeling the economic repercussions of a minimally inclusive system — the demographics of the the eligible students still skew on the down slope of that playing field. Students from these marginalized groups are less likely to go to college, less likely to earn as much as their white counterparts once they’re in the workforce, and more likely to go to schools where the per-student funding is lower and/or where more funding is required to be appropriated to school infrastructure or other expenses outside of academics because in Utah, your community’s tax base matters. Your complaints against the Ham4Education scholarship are about the state’s promotion of it. Does that mean you’d prefer the state NOT inform eligible students of this opportunity? Is that really your concern? If so, should the state not serve as an information portal for scholarships available to the children of Kennecott employees? Should the state never speak a word of scholarships that are only available to students in the Park City School District (BTW, there are GOBS of scholarships available to those students, most of whom really don’t need a scholarship — where’s the equity?) What about students who want to go into the health sciences — should the state not mention those scholarships? And if all students aren’t National Merit Finalists, should the state stay mute about those scholarships? Since all students in Utah don’t experience financial need, should the state’s Promise Scholarship stay under wraps or simply be eliminated? What about the Regents scholarship? And is any of this “equal” for students who aren’t planning to go to college? Where is their piece of the pie?

    Look, not everyone is born of privilege, but when there are means of helping put everyone on equal footing, why in the world would you complain about it? Your post smacks of racism. If that’s the case, just state that you are a racist and move on. It’d save a ton of words, bytes, and effort.

    1. Jeanie, if ONLY equity meant what you think it does. The equity, diversity, and inclusiveness movement isn’t about fairness and acceptance. These terms are being used to indoctrinate students and teachers into radical social justice. As one person put it, equity is the mask behind which critical race theory hides. Nice work playing the R-card too. If you want to call people racist, start with everyone behind the Common Core movement which destroyed the progress minorities and low SES students were experiencing under real math (progress that more than doubled the progress of peers in their cohort. Check out this post: California, a Case Study in how Common Core Decimates Math Progress

  4. How many parents realize their students are now being subject to Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)? This the vehicle in which these Marxist concepts are being taught! I just resigned after 25 years in education. The direction we have been heading for years is indeed scary. Time for parents to stand up to this indoctrination!!!

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