Project Groomer – Know what’s happening in public schools

Yes this is happening everywhere including Utah. CRT, SEL, CSE, and other garbage is taught right here in Utah. Children are tracked, teachers are indoctrinating, and students’ lives are being turned against their parents. Every school that embraces equity, inclusivity, and diversity programs, is engaged in this effort.

Watch this now, probably without kids in the room. Academics are dead, America has been turned by Leftists to sexual deviancy ripening us for the judgements of God. Pray that America repents and reverses this dangerous course.

For example, in Seattle, math isn’t taught from an academic standpoint anymore. It’s all SEL/CRT based. The 4 components or threads are:

  • Origins, identity, and agency
  • Power and Oppression
  • Reflection and Action
  • History of Resistance and Liberation

Total insanity. The future of America is one of utter desolation unless we reverse this.

Seattle math

If your school denies teaching CRT, just look for where they are teaching SEL because SEL is now completely linked to CRT. CASEL describes the purpose of education to be:


And then links CRT to SEL this way.

Transformative SEL

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