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  1. May I refer you to Charlotte Iserbyt’s, August 21, 2013 article, “Win The Common Core Battle But Lose The War” from News With Views,
    According to Iserbyt, “This article relates to my serious concern that Common Core (CC) is being used as a very effective DIVERSION from the serious problem of tax-supported school choice which will lock up ALL children worldwide in the computerized Communist/OBE workforce training system for a planned global economy.” (page 1)

    I hope Utahans understand or will be made aware that if they do not address the move to tax-supported charter schools, also called school choice, they will lose the battle of Common Core to the unelected boards of Charter schools who will implement Common Core without their consent.

    Also, Charlotte Iserbyt is an advocate of getting out of the Federal Dept. of Education and repealing the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. She is an educator of 50 years research and experience.

  2. I have donated to the radio ads and recommend that you donate too because they reach a huge number people throughout the state of Utah, who may have never heard of Common Core. These ads are professionally done. They immediately raise awareness and motivate the listener to action. Utah leads the way in the battle against Common Core. Keep the radio ads on the air. I am from Illinois and it is from your website that I am able to hear these ads. I recommend Illinois groups use radio ads too.

  3. I keep hearing all the negative remarks about the common core. The problem I have with this is people are spreading these rumors without ever reading the Utah Common Core. Before you jump on the bandwagon please go to the Utah Office of education and read the core. This way you will have the truth about the core. After you read it if you have a single problem with any standard and objectives that Utah teachers’ must teach, please feel free to contact me.

    1. Luke, about 5% of our issues are tied to the core standards. I’m glad you brought up source documents. Why don’t you start with these which we’ve also read and then if you don’t have any problems with the Common Core agenda, feel free to contact me.
      Oh, and if you would actually like to post a couple of the “rumors” you feel are being spread, please do so. So far people make that accusation but never post the rumor and evidence that it’s wrong.

      1. Well if you want to talk about rumors let’s start with the one I dealt with yesterday. I had a mother come in thinking that the new testing that Utah is giving was going to track her sons behavior, and ask personal questions about their family. For example she thought there would be questions on there about how much food they had in their home and other questions like that. So yes there are rumors that are out there about how the federal government is trying to collect data to use against its citizens. The next rumor floating around is the one about the Sage Test being able to track mouse movements and using that data to label student behavior. Lets be honest most people do not have a problem with the core standers and objectives. The problem is that most people do not trust the Federal Government. I think you need to go back to the core and tell me what standard or objective you disagree with. I shared a rumor that is out there now I need you to share a standard or objective from the common core that you disagree with. Oh one more thing Utah is not part of the common core. We have the Utah Core. Yes there are some similarities but our core is ran by the state of Utah not the Federal Government.

        1. You are concerned about rumors and false information. Yet you include a blatantly false statement in your comment when you attempt to tell people Utah has not adopted Common Core standards. Please refer to theh official CCSS website to see which states have adopted the standards. Here is a second link for you to consider. From the Utah State Office of Education you can find this information Notice how this document states “Utah adopted these standards in 2010, making the Common Core standards for Math and English language arts part of the Utah Core Standards”. Now, as to whether or not you agree or disagree with the standards, that is your opinion. But please do not perpetuate the false notion that Utah has not adopted Common Core standards.

          1. Yes Utah did adopt the common core in 2010 but then they changed it to the Utah Core in 2013. So before you get your anger up please update your information and take a good look at what Utah has done since 2010.

          2. Luke, when USOE “changed” Common Core to Utah Core, NOTHING CHANGED. It’s still Common Core. The name change was to mask growing animosity toward Common Core and toss up a shield so state officials could lie to the public and say, “we’re not on Common Core, we’re on Utah core.” That’s a total lie and it’s happening.

        2. Luke, you are totally right, there are so many rumors going around about Common Core. The biggest of them being that Utah did not sign up for Common Core. The only difference between Utah Core and Common Core is that Utah Core includes all the other subjects. Utah signed up for Common Core math and Literature Arts. So when you hear Utah Core it is just encompassing all the subjects including Common Core.
          Take the time to read

          “Principle 1 College and Career-Ready Expectations for All Students Stakeholder Consultation
          The Utah State Board of Education (USBE) adopted the College and Career Readiness Student Standards (CCSS) in June 2010. The USBE and Superintendent Larry K. Shumway began a system wide education reform process in 2009” – Utah ESEA Flexibility Requet.

          Menlove is on record as agreeing that Utah signed onto Common Core:
          The Utah State Board of Education adopted the Common Core State Standards as Utah Core Standards in Math and English/Language Arts. I do not believe I have said anything contrary to this. If I have, I apologize.

          Thanks for seeking this clarification.

          As noted previously, I continue to be willing to meet with you at your convenience to hear your concerns.


          Martell Menlove

          As far as I know, it is a rumor that Utah Core is run by the Federal government. I do not think that the government has 100% control of the Utah Core but it does control the Utah math and Literature Arts as Utah signed a waiver to remove us from NCLB and excepted the Common Core Math and Literature Arts that is part of the Utah Core. In doing so, USOE signed us onto copy righted Math and LA standards.

          Oh so many rumors out there that could be extinguished if people would take the time to read contracts and source documents.
          Now as for collecting data, Utah excepted 9.6 million dollars from the federal government to build a p-20w State longitudinal database system. P-20W meaning to collect data from preschool to the workforce. And no that is not a rumor. Maybe the food in the house question is. That’s one I haven’t heard yet.
          Do your homework before getting upset over rumors. There will be plenty on both sides of the issue.

          1. Thank you for your second post and the positive things you said about Utah trying to prepare students for the workforce or college. I am still waiting for anyone to show me a standard or objective that makes our core so evil like so many people are trying to portray it. All I am saying is take a good look at the core and show me where it has faults.

        3. Luke, the feds have already published a document that shows how they want to put cameras in the classroom and have students wear biofeedback devices so they can measure how engaged a teacher is with students. The feds want to track behavior and that’s been part of their documentation all along. As for the exam question, this is what that person was talking about.

          Last week in Duchesne, a 7th and 11th grader reported these questions on their SAGE exam.
          “Do you feel unsafe attending movies at theaters?”
          “How clean does your mother keep the house and what is in the fridge?”

          Yesterday, this was posted by a mother on Facebook.

          Just got off the phone with a 7th grade friend. He was on his 3rd day of testing here in Utah. Today he read a story, then was asked to respond to the question: “Which would you rather be a Patriot or a Communist?” He asked the teacher for help because the question didn’t make sense, the story didn’t say anything about a Patriot or Communist. The response from the teacher was she could not help him and to just answer the questions.

          Why are we subjecting children to these inappropriate questions?

          Oh, and as for standards, it’s a huge mistake to reduce literature to 50% of reading and make informational texts 50% for ELA high schoolers.

          1. Here are some questions from Uintah School Distrtict 7th grade. “How do you feel about sleep learning”. “How do you feel about leadership”. “Would you chose patriot or loyalist”. “Do you like purebreds or mixed breeds”.

  4. So from what I am hearing you say you do not have a problem with the core only the SAGE test? Otherwise please show me the standards and objectives you have a problem with.

    1. The fight against Common Core has never been 100% about the standards. They are a living work that can change at any time. As Bill Gates said, once the tests all line up then the curriculum will line up. The opposition is about taking control away from local school districts and parents. Our laws were set up that local school districts control the curriculum, not the federal government. How many more things are we going to let the government come in and take over?

    2. As has been stated by others, the standards themselves are not the major concern for many people. However, to answer your question, I will tell you something specifically about the standards that bothers me. I have a degree in elementary education and early childhood education. I have taught Kindergarten and second grade. I am also the mother of a second grade child and a child getting ready to enter Kindergarten. From what I know and have experienced as a teacher and a mother of small children, I believe that some of the Common Core standards are developmentally inappropriate for young children. They are being asked to think abstractly before their brains are developmentally able to do so.
      For example: In the first grade math standards (number & operations in base 10) we find “Subtract multiples of 10 in the range 10-90 from multiples of 10 in the range 10-90 (positive or zero differences), using concrete models or drawings and strategies based on place value, properties of operations, and/or the relationship between addition and subtraction; relate the strategy to a written method and explain the reasoning used.” Asking a first-grader to explain their reasoning is an abstract task. I challenge you to ask a 6-year-old this question and see the response you get. They may understand the “how to do it” but they are not yet able to articulate the “why”. In addition, to ask them to relate the strategy to a written method can be problematic for young ones whose reading/writing skills are still emerging. Many of the K-3 math standards require this type of abstract thinking and explaining. This is just one example demonstrating how these standards are developmentally inappropriate for young children. From my own training and experience, I find that I agree with a statement signed by over 500 early childhood health and education professionals.

      Again, for me personally, the standards themselves are only a small part of the problem. Common Core is tied, directly and indirectly, to a whole host of other issues that concern me.

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