2024 Utah State Board of Education Races

UPDATED 2/24/2024 to put this list of top candidates at the top of this post.

District 3 Rod Hall (Brent’s seat)

District 7 Kris Kimball (Molly’s seat)

District 9 Natalie Cline

District 10 Monica Wilbur (Matt’s seat)

District 12 Cole Kelley (Jim’s seat)

District 13 Alyson Robertson or Cari Bartholomew (Randy’s seat)

District 15 Joann Brinton (Kristin’s seat)



This week at the state board meeting, 8 of 15 members voted to not overturn a rule (R277-328) the board previously adopted which is now in violation of state law (https://le.utah.gov/~2023/bills/static/HB0427.html).

R277-328 is a pro-Critical Race Theory (CRT) rule (more here: https://utahed.info/328-2/). It was originally drafted with the title “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Professional Learning Standards”. The final draft wound up titled “Educational Equity in Schools.” (https://schools.utah.gov/administrativerules/_administrative_rules_/_public_hearings/_2021/2021R277328.pdf)

“DEI” for diversity, equity, and inclusion, is a push for CRT.

In reality, diversity means homogeneity, equity means inequity, and inclusion means exclusion. Everything is determined by the ones writing the rules and that means those looking for something other than academic achievement and common sense.

The 8 members who voted to maintain the indoctrination rule are:

*Brent Strate (seat 3)*
LeAnn Wood (seat 4)
Sarah Reale (seat 5)
*Carol Lear (seat 6)*
*Molly Hart (seat 7)*
Cindy Davis (seat 11)
*Randy Boothe (seat 13)*

*Kristan Norton (seat 15)*

* Up for election in 2024 (https://vote.utah.gov/2024-candidate-filings/)

Brent, Molly, Randy, and Kristan, all face challenges from candidates I believe will do a much better job. I recognize several of the challengers names and I am so grateful they are running.

The caucus system will reject these 4, but unfortunately, they have indicated they will do signature gathering and try to dupe conservative voters into absentmindedly signing petitions under the guise of “don’t you want a chance to vote for all the qualified candidates on the ballot? This candidate might not be able to have their voice heard without your help…” And other such nonsense.

If they had a message that resonated with their political party base, take it to them and let the elected representatives of their neighborhoods vote for the candidate that best represents their area. Utah is one of the best managed states under this system and it’s time we brought management of our schools fully under the caucus system instead of special interest groups.

Among the other 7 who thankfully voted to repeal the rule, these 3 are also up for re-election: Matt Hymas (seat 10), James Moss (seat 12), and Natalie Cline (seat 9).

Natalie needs no introduction here as she has been a strong voice for parental rights and is clearly the one to vote for in her race.

Utah’s school children wither under the influence of toxic DEI/CRT nonsense. Parental rights are being stripped away. Get informed on the races in your area and get involved so you can help effect positive change at the state school board (and watch your local races too.)

When the county and state conventions convene to determine the candidates that will be on the ballot, I will update this post to share the candidates to vote for.

This is the year to run as a delegate and help make a difference in our state school board and other offices.

7 thoughts on “2024 Utah State Board of Education Races”

  1. My rep is the disappointing Brent Strate
    Who is running against him? A better candidate? If so, how can I help get Brent out?
    Thank you

    1. Go to the election website linked above and you’ll see the other candidates. Please check them out and report back.

  2. I just want to thank Oak for staying on top! It is a hard job at best, unpaid. We need all this info to vote well. Too often we vote uninformed. District 1 seat is not up for election on the State level, but I am watching and praying we get better informed candidates in office. You need to make waves or public education is well on its way out. Parents are upset. They are finding other avenues. They rightly should be.

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