2021 EF conference

4 Critical Presentations – this is in Utah

Please watch these critically important videos from the 2021 Eagle Forum conference. These issues are here in Utah.

5:33 Gayle Ruzicka, Eagle Forum President speaking on the reproductive mutilation of children happening in our state. Ask your legislators to support HB 92 which prevents surgeons in Utah from performing transgender procedures on minors.

7:16 Jennie Earl (currently serving on the Utah state school board), on critical race theory and cultural Marxism.

Jennie Earl Eagle_Forum_Presentation

7:35 Merrilee Boyack (Abortion-Free Utah and Family Watch International) on comprehensive sex ed in Utah schools.

7:50 Nicholeen Peck – discusses pornography happening in Utah schools through the databases children have access to. Ask your legislators to support HB 38 which requires Utah schools to block obscene and pornographic material from students.


2 thoughts on “4 Critical Presentations – this is in Utah”

  1. Thank you for alerting us to these horrendous movements! I’ve passed them on to my daughters that are in homeschool groups and they will fight as well!!!

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