Friendly Opt-Out Districts

Would you like to opt your child out of SAGE computer adaptive tests?

Click to get our opt-out form and instructions.

Which districts are known to be friendly or unfriendly:

Opt-out friendly districts

  • Alpine actually created a simple form for parents to use
  • Cache
  • Canyons
  • Davis
  • Duchesne
  • Granite
  • Jordan
  • Morgan
  • Provo
  • Tooele
  • Uintah
  • Wasatch
  • Weber
  • Washington

Not Opt-out friendly districts

  • Nebo refuses and claims to tie computer adaptive test scores to student grades (unknown how they do this since the test is different for every student)

Opt-out friendly charter schools and other programs

  • Innovations High School
  • Summit Academy Jr/High
  • Thomas Edison (Logan)

Not Opt-out friendly charter schools and other programs

  • Harmony Ed
  • My Tech High

Please comment below if you have successfully or unsuccessfully used the opt-out form with another district and I will update this table as the comments come in.

99 thoughts on “Friendly Opt-Out Districts”

  1. My mostly homeschooled boys began the SAGE tests in their science classes at Mountain Crest High School (Cache County School District). I didn’t realize the SAGE tests were going on until they came home the first day describing them. (I thought they were just taking “normal” end-of-trimester final tests.) I pulled them out the next morning without any trouble.

    1. Jordan School District in Utah doesn’t disallow it, but they are clearly displeased & bite your head off for it.

  2. My boys were allowed to opt out at Innovations High in Salt Lake School District. The teachers didn’t think it was allowed, but the administration didn’t give me any trouble at all and were very supportive.

  3. My kids attend two different schools in Tooele County School District. The principal from one and vice principal from the other were both very supportive and gave me no hassle at all.

  4. I used the Alpine district’s opt out form and filled it out for my daughter’s school in the Granite District. They immediately issued me a letter granting the opt out. Please get everyone you can to at least try it! The more parents that can pull their kids, the better. Maybe the whole thing will come crashing down. We can only hope and pray every day that this monstrocity gets defeated.

  5. My children attend two different schools in the Davis School District. I opted them out of the testing, and it was very simple – I wrote a letter to each principal, and one responded that I didn’t even need the letter, verbal notice is sufficient.

  6. I successfully opted my daughter out of SAGE in the Canyons District. I had a very positive conversation with her principal. I feel very supported. She said testing will not be part of grades. I agree that it would be difficult to use the results as part of the student’s grade. I hope others will opt out. You might be surprised at the support you receive.

  7. I had a verbal conversation wtih my Davis District Superintendent about this a few weeks ago, so I just emailed and asked him to confirm what he told me that day. These were my bullet points:

    –I have the parental right to opt my children out of SAGE tests in the Davis District (in all grades 3-12).
    –Even though my child will receive a non-proficient (or “zero”) score, this will in no way affect my child’s grades, nor their standing with their teacher/school/district, nor have any affect on college acceptance since they do not appear on transcripts.
    –If less than 95% of students in a particular school opt out, this has no major affect on a teacher’s ratings nor on school funding. Too many zero scores would simply give that school an F grade.

    Dr. Bowles reply:
    “Your statements are accurate. This legislature may adjust participation rates, so that reality may change. As of this moment, you are accurate.

    [I also asked about the process to opt out in Davis District–do they have a form or do I write my own letter? Following is his reply:] To opt your child out, you have choices: you may either keep your child home on assessment days or you may talk to your school principal to inform her that you would like to exempt your student. We are talking to principals about the process next Thursday during our leadership meeting.”

  8. Anybody have any dealings with Davis? I took the form into my daughters Elementary school, he said there was no need for it until the 3rd grade. Principal was nice enough but tried to paint a very rosy picture of CC. Said they were no collecting ANY personal data, and according to his sources, there was nothing controversial in said tests. ( My girl is in 2nd). Help !!!

    1. “According to his data” sounds like a brush-off statement. According to the SAGE brochure, only 15 people see the questions on the test, and the questions may be revised after they’ve seen them. I do believe it does start in 3rd grade (at least for the 2013/2014 school year).

  9. Provo District just created a form. They will be delivering it to all principals in the district this week (per Ray Morgan). I have been invited to the district offices to review it tomorrow, 3/5. I will share what I find.

    1. Forgot to add JSD simple instructions for opting out
      Hi Heidi,

      I just got a memo with the instructions for a parent who would like to opt out of the SAGE test.

      1. The parent sends a request to opt out of testing either by email or by letter.
      2. School provides parent with a separate email or dated school letter acknowledging the receipt of the parent’s request.
      3. Retain copies of the documents for future reference if needed.

  10. I just opted my children who are at Renaissance charter school in Lehi out of all testing and data collection using the form on this website.

    They easily signed the form and returned it to me without an issue. However, the lady who signed the form did say to the secretary who was the go between “Their kids have to be at school that day!” although that message was never communicated to me directly. I just overheard it.

  11. I was told in Uintah School District that if I opt-out of the SAGE test then my child would be given the lowest score possible even if my child did not take the test. But they told me it was my choice to opt out if I wanted to.

    1. Lowest score on the SAGE test? Or lowest score in the classroom as if the test was being figured into your child’s grade? The first is irrelevant. The second can be overcome by asking for a pencil/paper test as a substitute.

        1. Oak, How is it that one district can say is it tied to grades, i.e. Nebo and others are friendly to the opt out? What am I missing? If this is a “state standardized test” then wouldn’t it be the same for each district? I definitely want to opt my son out.

        2. Actually not. Some schools use SAGE testing scores to determine placement in accelerated courses and eligibility for after school activities.

        3. Can I just say (yes i know this forum is old.) I find it so stupid. Parents in the Davis Charter School Syracuse Arts Academy charter school CAN opt their child out, but it is so pointless because they still have to do a written test with equal or sometimes more. There is no point in opting out. Especially if you go to this school. Again, I think the whole school is so retartersause. Well, bye.

          p.s i am a student there, but just because i am, this doesn’t mean it is my opinion… Its also what my parents would think as well, and many people of the school. I asked a few ppl. Well, bye.

  12. What about Washington County school districts? I am new to this site and trying to find out and read all I can but it seems everything is geared to Northern Utah. I talk to parents down here and they are so passive! I want to opt my 8th grader out but feel will I be the only one? I have 1 st graders when do I opt them out?

    1. I live in ST George and I have kids at GWA and DMS and DHS and I have opted them all out. GWA has been the most difficult to do it. The principal has not been nice at all, but I have done it anyway and I know others that have at GWA and PV and sunset. You are welcome to correspond with me through email

      1. I just know learned about this…..I have one at santa clara and one at lava ridge..I will be opting out :

      2. We opted our children out in Washington County. Our kids go to H.H.S. (awesome!), H.M.S. (resistant teachers), and H.E.S. (no problem)! I wish more parents knew about the opportunity to opt out, my daughter said she only knew of 10 students that were opted out at H.M.S. Almost everyday I talk to parents who are fed up with Sage but are unaware of their ability to opt their kids out. How can we get the word out…and how can we get parents to listen? :)

          1. Could you please point me in the direction to where it mandates the district notifies parents of opt-out option? Our teachers have been threatened with their jobs if they tell parents they can opt-out!

  13. Hello Oak, thank you for all the updates you provide us. I hope there are plenty of people able to attend the meeting tomorrow at the Provo Library with the presentation by Alyson Williams. I finally was able to obtain the opt out form from the Provo School District. A parent must go see the principal curently to get the form. I was asked why I wanted to opt out. I was told twice by the woman at the district that I was the only one who has asked for an opt out form. The very first “consequence” (my wording) is students will receive a non-proficient score and it will be included in their schools calculation. The other four items could also sound intimidating and like a parent is a real loser if they opt their child out of testing. If I did not know what I now know about CC from this website I would cave in to their strategies. Please let people know that they are not the only ones who are standing up to this type of “bullying”. Hopefully the “leaders” in this state will wake up to what is really going on. I spoke with the district after viewing their opt out form. I asked, “What happens if a student is out of town or sick on the test days? Because that
    does not mean they are non-proficient.” I was told that this is a concern they will have to try to work out.

  14. I opted my children out of SAGE tests in Provo school district yesterday, the principal said she had just received the forms. She was very cooperative, though she said she was required to go through the form with me. I agree that they will try to get you to cave, even if it is in a nice way. My daughter told me yesterday that both her Chinese and English teacher took her aside and told her that she was not to tell any of the other students that she didn’t have to take the SAGE tests. (too late, she danced her way out of the school telling everyone she met the day before) I doubt the teachers took it upon themselves to talk to her about that, I am sure it came from higher up. I am pulling my kids out for all the practice tests, too, and have met no resistance. I did allow my kids to take their Chinese test, I just wrote it on the bottom of the form and initialed it.

  15. Amy, it sounds like our children attend the same school. I printed off the opt-out forms from here, filled them out and delivered one to my son’s teacher (who told me the adaptable component of SAGE hadn’t been done because it was too expensive), and a copy for the principal to sign, as she wasn’t in office at that time. Within an hour I got a call from her and she told me Provo School district had their own forms and I had to use them instead. I asked what the differences between the two are and she read me a few bullet points from the district’s, and then told me she needed to go over it with me at school, we’d sign it, and that would that. I told her that before signing it I’d like to take it home and go over it with my husband but she said they don’t allow that. Why? She didn’t have an answer but agreed that the requirement “was dumb.”

    So, if we use the district’s I’ll make sure I get a copy of it. Still wonder why the district and/or school says a parent can not take it home to go over before signing? It’s all on the up and up, right? ;)

  16. I opted out of Lava Ridge Intermediate in Washington County and was the first (but not the last) for that school. The counselor told me she called the district and that it is recognized and legal. I don’t know if this will effect her grades but personally I don’t care, I am here to protect my kids. I made tons of copies and have given them out everywhere I go to adults and older students. I am amazed how many people know either nothing or very little about common core. I posted on my facebook that I had these forms and got a good response. Make copies and take them everywhere with you. High school students are very receptive to this information, hopefully their parents are too. I also requested from the school that ALL tests that the teacher themselves did not write be given as a written test and not to have the answers posted online at any point. I’m fine with the grade given to be posted but the actual test answers are private. Lets protect our kids Utah!

  17. I was given the opt out form two days ago and went and made copies of it ( to have on file myself and to show other parents what it says). Today was Parent/Teacher Conferences—-AAAAHHHHHH…so illuminatng in a very GOOD way. I had just turned in the opt out form to the main office and on my way to visit with teachers with our student. TWO of the three teachers who must do the SAGE testing quietly leaned forward and let me know (my student as witness) that 1) they wished ALL parents would opt out of these tests and get it over with, out of the schools and out of the state, 2) they were not supposed to say this, 3) it , meaning CC “isn’t about teaching”. Sweet words to my ears even if it was in front of our somewhat “embarrassed” :) student. Even the third teacher who said he didn’t see a huge problem with it said that the whole idea of CAT type testing is not an indicator of what the student knows!! (this teacher has taught for 20 years). This teacher kept asking me why I didn’t like the SAGE. The more he asked and the more I answered the more he understood that I knew what is really going on. I was told by one of the teachers to “please spread the word to other parents about this form”. THEY CANNOT—they don’t dare. I feel sorry that they are truly caught in the middle. It’s parents who need to vote out the old and vote in the new and stand up and be the first line of defense for our children. Thank you and spread the word on opt out forms, please.

    1. J. Belnap would you be willing to let me share this part of your post? ~ I had just turned in the opt out form to the main office and on my way to visit with teachers with our student. TWO of the three teachers who must do the SAGE testing quietly leaned forward and let me know (my student as witness) that 1) they wished ALL parents would opt out of these tests and get it over with, out of the schools and out of the state, 2) they were not supposed to say this, 3) it , meaning CC “isn’t about teaching”. Sweet words to my ears even if it was in front of our somewhat “embarrassed” :) student. Even the third teacher who said he didn’t see a huge problem with it said that the whole idea of CAT type testing is not an indicator of what the student knows!! (this teacher has taught for 20 years)~
      A friend of mine is running for Alpine school district and trying to get the word out she was also wondering if she could pass this on to others? Please let me know. Thank you.

  18. I pulled my children out of the testing Weber. I was told by one of my children’s teachers that they were told to be cooperative and allow for parents to opt out. my son has taken some of the practice test because I didn’t know what to do about those. I will call his teacher today and opt out of those as well. I have heard rumors that children that opt out of tests will not be allowed to play sports in junior high or high school.

  19. Wasatch High School in Heber Valley is friendly to opting out. The principal, math and English teachers all agreed to give my child a pencil and paper alternative. Thank you, Wasatch High School!

  20. I sent in my Opt-Out form to the principals a Salem Hills and Salem Jr. at the end of February 2014. The High School principal has been very nice. He acknowledges the parents rights and has no problem with it. (The principal at the Jr. Hight was not there when I took in my form, and I haven’t been able to talk to her personally.) He did send the form on to the District. Nebo District sent me a letter saying thank you for being interested in your child’s education, but basically you can’t opt out. And, if your student is absent and doesn’t take the test then it MAY hurt their grade and the school grade. It also said that they looked at the utah codes that I quoted and said it doesn’t support my right to opt out. (I don’t believe for one second that they looked at those codes.) BTW, the Principal did not receive a copy of the letter that the District sent to me.
    I am waiting another week until I can get a copy of that statement by Superintendent Menlove that he is going to release this coming week, then I will go and speak with the District. From what I understand, the SAGE tests are soon to be administered after the end of the term which ends March 21, 2014

  21. If the school is an unfriendly opt-out school, does that mean it can’t be done? For example, My Tech High.

    1. Wendy Hart, Alpine School District Board Member, wrote this in reply to someone asking about the difficulty of opting out from a charter school:
      “I’d just ask why Alpine School District is more willing to allow parents their parental rights than a charter school that was built on the idea of parental choice. I would also suggest that the board send a formal request to the USOE/State Board to change their grading structure so as to not allow teachers and schools to be punished for parents exercising their legal and constitutional parental rights.
      I’m always amazed at how many people just go along with ‘the system’ because it’s ‘the system’. I guess I’ve never been willing to accept ‘no’ for an answer if something is unfair.”

  22. I have opted out my younger son from the AIR/SAGE tests at Wasatch Peak Academy and my older son at Legacy Preparatory Academy both in Davis County. I had provided the opt-out form to the principals at both schools earlier this year but got an email from my younger son’s teacher letting me know when he would be taking the Sage test – so I wrote her back a nice email letting her know that he wouldn’t be taking it and that I had opted-out. My older son came home yesterday from Legacy Preparatory and told me that he had just taken a Sage test. This prompted another email from me to his teacher that I had opted him out and he wasn’t to take the Sage tests. I received an email today from the principal letting me know that it was only a practice test and that they weren’t collecting any info – and that they had the opt-out form on file and that they would make other arrangements for my son to do other coursework and that his grade wouldn’t be affected by my choice to opt him out of the testing.

  23. My kids attend school in Vernal and there isn’t anything about us being able to opt out here. Do you have any information for schools not on the Wasatch front?

      1. Oak, I opted out months ago using the form on this site as I felt it explained my views well. My principal signed it and we have spoken about it on two occasions where she has been very supportive. Today, I received an opt out form from the district. I don’t mean to be paranoid but it seems to be more about affirming that I know that the SAGE testing is great and that my child’s privacy will be protected rather than opting my child out of the testing. The form says I must sign it and return it for my child to opt out. I called and reiterated to the district that I have already opted out. I am uncomfortable signing a form that makes statements I supposedly agree with in order to opt out. I emailed you a copy of the form. I hope you will let me know what you think. You may also post the form for others to see it.

        1. What district are you in? I agree with you. I wouldn’t sign the District’s form. It’s the school principal that you are directly working with.

          1. It’s Canyons District. I am concerned with such statements as “I also acknowledge the academic feedback provided by SAGE is utilized by teachers and administrators to ……inform potential course placement……” and “I understand that my child’s academic performance shall not be included in these decisions.” So my high performing student’s grades don’t matter — just her performance on these tests? It closes by stating it’s my responsibility to contact my school principal and learn when testing will be. I’ve already made arrangements with my principal. Why would this form be necessary? Honestly, I’m totally frustrated with this whole thing.

        2. In order to refuse an extra vaccination I was required to sign a form saying (basically) that I knew I could cause harm to my child by refusing vaccination. The thing is, she had the MMR 3 days before her birthday and somewhere in that time frame the law was being changed that the MMR had to be given on or after the 1st birthday and the message hadn’t gotten to the doctors. So my child was fully vaccinated, but I was told she could not enter school unless I took her immediately to get another one, simply because of 3 days. The language was inflammatory and signed by governor Leavitt. I didn’t know what to do, so I signed. I know better now. I agree with the others. Do not sign that form.

    1. I went into the Uintah School district office and they said it’s the parents choice to opt out if we want to. I talked to the Middle School Principal yesterday and he don’t have a problem with us opting out our children. But he did remind me that they would be given the lowest score possible on the test even if they did not take the test. He did say that he does not like that, but his hands are tied. Not taking the test will not affect there grades in anyway.

  24. I just googled CAT testing. Computer Adaptive Testing. I am wondering if the reason they are giving pre-SAGE tests is to gather a pool — “The pool must be calibrated with a psychometric model, which is used as a basis for the remaining four components. ” “In CAT, items are selected based on the examinee’s performance up to a given point in the test. However, the CAT is obviously not able to make any specific estimate of examinee ability when no items have been administered. So some other initial estimate of examinee ability is necessary. If some previous information regarding the examinee is known, it can be used,[1] but often the CAT just assumes that the examinee is of average ability – hence the first item often being of medium difficulty.”
    So, when they say no data is being collected, do the kids put their name on the test? Is it just general pool material for the school/state or is it really a pool connected to the child’s name?

  25. I just sent the audio of the Legislative Session giving us permission to Opt Out to the superintendent of Nebo School District… We will see what happens!

    1. JoAnna Rothe, I’m really interested to hear what response you receive from the Nebo School District as I’d like to opt my 3rd grader out of testing too. I’m not sure how to handle this considering their stance on the issue.

  26. My student is enrolled in an online charter school. I’ve heard charter schools won’t allow you to opt out. Anyone have advice on how to opt out from online charter schools? I want to opt my student out, but I’m so nervous. I’m new to all this and I’m so overwhelmed with all the info. I want to be able to make my case and know what I’m talking about. There is so much that I disagree with, what are the best arguments that I can defend with? I dont know how to approach the online school. They have an office, but no ” school” where I can go deliver an opt out letter. I’ve received emails from my student’s science teacher that my student has until Tuesday, March 25 to sign into the SAGE website (they give a link to give instructions on how to sign in using our students SSI number ?) & take a PRACTICE TEST (?), that it’s REQUIRED and them taking the test is worth 10 Quiz points in their science grade, which is a good amount of points for her class. With it being online school, I don’t have the option of them suddenly coming down with a cold on test day and not going to school. What can I do?

    1. Christi, Read more about your Parental Rights to opt-out your child. You don’t have to argue the wrongs of CAT testing, just stand on your right as a parent, and that you care more about your child’s education than anyone else. Email your science teacher that you are exercising your parental right to opt your child out of SAGE testing. Superintendent Menlove stated in the last congressional hearing that ALL students can opt out of testing. You can send him that audio clip if he needs it. Just keep it simple. You don’t need to debate anything or tell him the evils inherent in the test & data collection. It’s your right as a Parent. The threat of a 10 point deduction is nothing compared to the damage the testing does. Keep us posted.
      Wendy Hart, Alpine School District Board Member, wrote this in reply to someone asking about the difficulty of opting out from a charter school:
      “I’d just ask why Alpine School District is more willing to allow parents their parental rights than a charter school that was built on the idea of parental choice. I would also suggest that the board send a formal request to the USOE/State Board to change their grading structure so as to not allow teachers and schools to be punished for parents exercising their legal and constitutional parental rights.
      I’m always amazed at how many people just go along with ‘the system’ because it’s ‘the system’. I guess I’ve never been willing to accept ‘no’ for an answer if something is unfair.”

      1. Thank you, Pam! I needed the encouragement and advice! Where can I get the audio recording of Mr. Menlove stating that any student can opt out?

      2. I emailed my students science teacher at Utah Connections Academy to tell him I am exercising my legal parental right to opt out my student. His first response back that day was thanking me for letting him know and that he would pass it along to the principal. Then he emailed me again today thanking me for the email and told me that he has removed the SAGE assignment from my student’s gradebook so her grade will not be affected. So far no problem. Hopefully the principal and the other teachers (Math and English) will have the same response. But at least it’s a first step!

  27. My kids go to Thomas Edison Charter School in Cache Valley. They were VERY supportive when I turned my forms in this morning.

  28. Does anybody know anything about Tintic School District? I have two kids in that district and want to be able to opt-out without causing to big a problem. However, I’m not new to causing waves. I am glad to see that Tooele is opt-out friendly, I have two kids in that district too.

  29. My kids are home schooled doing distance learning with New Harmonya charter school who’s listed as a non friendly opt out school. Ideas or suggestions??

    1. Harmony Ed and MyTech High are third party providers. They themselves are not LEA’s or schools. They get their funding from purchasing SIS numbers from the charter schools to increase their enrollment. They have the parents sign a contract saying if you participate in our program you agree to testing. It is a third party contract and has no legal binding upon the schools or district. So unless you want to pay back the sum of money utilize for your alternative education program, those who participate in those programs must test. It is a legal binding contract. Until we hear otherwise, parent who signed those contracts will have to test or receive the consequences set forth. USOE has no control over those third party’s only the LEA’s, districts and charter schools for which are under the jurisdiction.

  30. Question to anyone: it is Thursday, March 27, am I too late to opt out in the Nebo School District? Have they already taken the tests?

    1. The Jr. High school has taken the English portion of the test. Salem High has not taken any of the tests. Warn your children that they will be “required” to take the practice tests. You can tell them your mom opted you out from all End of the Year CAT tests including practice test. The District has not as yet, responded to my 2nd request to exercise my parental rights. I think they will just try to ignore me. But talk to the principals because they are the people you are working directly with. You are fine with pen and paper tests or keeping them home on test days. My son went to the office and called me when the teacher said they were “required” practice test. The counselor gave him a note telling the teacher he didn’t have to take it. It’s not too late. You’re not going against the teacher or the principal. You just don’t agree with CAT tests. (They don’t even know what is on the test.) Exercise your parental rights. Here’s the email I sent to the District after they sent me a deny requested form letter.
      Dear Mr. Sorensen,

      I recently sent a letter to Opt-Out my sons from Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT). The letter I received from you said that my request fell “outside the scope of laws” by which you (at Nebo School District) are bound and which you support. Are you aware that Superintendent Menlove said this month in a House Education Committee meeting that ALL students may opt out of these tests?

      Go to this link, click HB 81’s audio under the player, and forward to the 29 minute mark and start listening.

      Do you realize that Nebo school district is the only district in Utah that has displayed animosity toward families in rejecting a parents opt-out request for CAT Tests?

      I am impressed with Salem Hills High School and their staff. They have been very good to work with. I have no objections with the teachers or administrators. However, CAT Testing is not good for the students. I wonder if you are aware of what CAT tests do.

      When the test-makers make the tests adaptive they can make it easier, they can make it harder, or they can make it so that they force compliance. You can’t take the next step unless you comply with whatever is being taught or presented in the test, even if you don’t agree with it. We as parents, or taxpayers, or policy-setters will never know which way the test was adapted, because it’s an internal mechanism. (Common Core Results in Behavior Change without Protest, You Tube. Dr. Peg Luksik, Feb 5, 2014)

      I am not okay with computer adaptive testing. Local teachers and even districts do not have a say in questions being asked of our students with CAT testing.

      I am exercising my right as a parent to opt-out my children from CAT Testing. I would appreciate your cooperation in this area.

      I have CC’d Superintendent Menlove as well, so he is aware of the my concerns and my opt-out request to Nebo School District.


    1. Gildren Ramirez, to find some sample opt out forms, click on the Action List button along the top and on the drop down menu you will find Opt Out Form.

      I just talked to a friend who recently opted out her children at ALA. She said it was really easy. She just went into the office and said she wanted to opt them out of testing. They gave her 2 forms to sign. She has things for her children to do while the other students are testing. At ALA (Spanish Fork Charter school) they have been giving “practice” tests. They said the school has a 2 month window of time in which to give the tests.

  31. I opted my 8th grade daughter out of all CAT testing at Promontory School of Expeditionary Learning in Perry, Utah. The director was very supportive and willing to sign the form and make me a copy. Thank you for providing such a well-stated form.

  32. I opted my kids out of SAGE testing and practice testing at Odyssey Charter School in the Alpine School District. All they needed was an email our children’s names and there teachers. No questions or anything.

  33. I just spoke with the Principal and Vice Principal at Mt. Nebo Jr. High in the Nebo school district today after school. They were very nice and told me that much of the information I have heard is misleading. The Principal said that just this week she was sent a letter from the district (which she will copy and send to me) that states that the district has loosened their restrictions a little on opting out. My kids still can NOT opt out of the tests but they CAN stay home when the test is given or go to the office during that time. They of course would be given a score of 1(a failing grade) but she did say that this score does not affect the student’s grade, just the school’s grade.

    She was very kind and told me that she was glad I came to talk to her. She wanted to answer any questions I have. She would rather have a parent come and talk to her rather than just sit back and do nothing.

  34. I have opted my kids out of the High school and Jr. High so far in Vernal, UT. I just got a call from the VP of the high school stating that I needed to come back in and sign another form and that they would not accept the one that mentions Alpine school district. Do I really have to sign it? At first the high school was easy going. It was at the Jr. high that I ended up “discussing” the testing with the principal for over a half and hour! What a joke! It shouldn’t be this hard!

    1. They accepted mine at the middle school. I went into the districi office on March 3 and they did not have a form at that time. So then they did not have a problem with mine.

  35. I just talked to another parent at Entheos Academy charter school (Kearns) and she said it was really easy to opt out and they even have their own form. She said they did ask her why but weren’t pushy about it. I will be opting out on Monday. Should I also do this for my 1st grader even though they aren’t doing the sage testing?

  36. Utah Academy of Sciences (UCAS). UCAS is it’s own district in Orem UT.

    I opted my children out of the testing which starts tomorrow (April 15, 2014). I sent the forms in with my teens to give to their counselor. I followed up with the counselor to be sure everything was in place. He said the Principle was taking care of this and that he knows she provided the rules that they must be off-site during the testing. Since this school is on UVU campus, I will have them go to the UVU library during testing.

    I did not get any negative feedback, whatsoever. I will find out more information this evening when my teens get home.

  37. Harmony is telling parents to contact the charter schools that their children are partnering with directly to opt-out. As far as I can tell most of them are allowing this since the change in state law.

  38. Highmark Charter School in South Weber is allowing parents to opt out but is telling them that students will not be allowed in their honors classes in grades 7-9 if they opt out.

  39. In order to opt out our child at Lava Ridge Intermediate, Washington School District, we were required to speak with the principal. We were happy to hear how well the principle knew our daughter (no – the familiarity was not because our daughter did bad things, but quite the opposite). She attempted to talk us out of exempting our daughter, including advising that the tests were Utah state designed and was not directly related to the Common Core. Further, she advised that our daughter, who is a straight-A student and aces every benchmark test, would be ineligible for future Honors classes as the “data” would be “insufficient” from the SAGE tests to support the step-up opportunity for Honors. Not sure how this can happen if SAGE is not tied to grade … sounded like a last stretch to persuade us against exemption. At the end, she accepted the opt-out form, but refused to sign it because it was not an “official” Washington School District form, however advised she would send a letter to us in the mail on approved letterhead that the school would honor the request for exemption from the tests.

  40. SAGE Testing and Common Core are not the same thing. If this website is anti-common core, fine, but stick to the topic. Utah would be doing SAGE Testing regardless of the core. Some schools were doing adaptive testing with the old core.

    1. As I just posted to your comment on another thread:
      “SAGE is not Common Core, but it’s the Utah Common Core aligned computer adaptive test. Saying we get them muddled together is incorrect. We do clearly understand what they are. However, our use of “SAGE Common Core tests” here and there may muddy the water for someone who hasn’t read enough of this site to know that we know what these components are.”

  41. I realize this is way after testing, but wanted to add that My Tech High sent an email after SB122 was passed with a link to opt out of testing. We just had to put their name down and say we were opting out. It took a couple of seconds.

  42. I have been looking and can’t find where it says there are any computer adaptive tests for my children 2nd grade and under. Do I still need to opt them out?

  43. We were just told that if we opt out our child from SAGE testing this year (2014-15) that if she excels she will be unable to take Honors classes of any sort for the upcoming year. They said that the State won’t let them place a student in an Honors class if they don’t participate in SAGE testing. They gave us an exception for this year because they say the school has been given enough leeway due to the testing being so new. So I have two questions. First, is this true according to state law? And second, how are they going to use SAGE test results to place a child if they don’t get the test results until November of the next year when they would have already started school? (i.e. test results for 7th grade won’t be known until November of their 8th grade year). Maybe this question has already been answered and if it has hopefully I will stumble across the answer soon, but it seems grossly unfair that if a student tests high in the classroom getting all A’s earning a spot in an Honors class through teacher developed test they can’t take that place just because they didn’t participate in a SAGE test that they still don’t have the results for. If anyone could shed some light on this for me I would greatly appreciate it.


  44. My children are enrolled in Provo ESchool with the My Tech High program. I’ve found them to be opt-out friendly.

  45. My Tech High Charter School was very easy to opt out with. They had a very short online form that we check marked to opt out of the tests. I did it for 3 kids in just a minute. Great to work with, no questions, done!

  46. My Tech High is VERY opt-out friendly now that the new law is passed. They have a simple online form to opt out completely, no questions asked, no hassle.

  47. My son (8th grade) says his math teacher told the class that they will be held back and have to do 7th grade math again if they don’t do well on the SAGE testing. He is making them believe that their SAGE test scores will count on their school grades. Can the school use SAGE test scores to factor into their class grade?

    1. That should be educational malpractice and the teacher should be reprimanded. Contact the principal, local and state school board members, and the state superintendent. This is unbelievable.

  48. My son is in 1st grade taking SAGE testing now. I’m wondering if I should have opted him out. Or is opting out only a concern once a child reaches 3rd grade? What is difference about the tests pre 3rd grade? My oldest is in 1st grade, so I’m new to learning about cc. If anyone is willing to fast track educate me about cc I would love someone to reach out. Thanks.

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