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OK, you’re concerned about Common Core and want to know what to do. Get educated and then ask your legislator the questions below and report back to us.

Get Educated

This page contains a flier you can print out and share with friends and neighbors but it also contains a bullet list of some things Common Core is doing to education, and links to a good sampling of important issues to bring you up to speed.

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Contact Your Legislators & Governor

Once you’ve gotten familiar with Common Core, please take these actions.

Call the Governor and tell him to get us out

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Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
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Utah State Capitol Complex
350 North State Street, Suite 200
PO Box 142220
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-2220

Find Your Legislators

Ask these questions of your Representative and Senator and write down their answers

1) Ask to see the cost analysis on Common Core. Ask what will this cost us and where the money is coming from.

2) Ask if you, the parents or taxpayer, are unhappy with the standards how we can amend them.

3) Ask to see the scientific studies upon which the academic foundations of Common Core rest.

4) Ask to opt your child out of the data tracking system (P20w Longitudinal System) and what is the process to do that.

5) Ask if they would be willing to introduce a bill to halt Common Core in Utah and give local control to districts to set their own high standards.

What can you expect?

Some may tell you we’re “locked” in and there’s nothing to be done. But don’t stop asking! Tell them Utah is not locked in because other states have pieces of legislation to remove common core from their state.

Common Core is set to be fully implemented by fall of 2014! We do have time, but not much! Utah has the chance to lead out and adopt better standards than nearly every other state is stuck with. We can have the best education system in the country.

Report Back to Us

When you have these answers, please fill out this form to report their answers back to us.

Other Ways to Help

Print out fliers and pass them out to your neighbors, at gun shows, and other events. Help staff tables at conventions and events.

18 thoughts on “Action List”

  1. I home school my children, but I think this will affect all of us. I would like to help in anyway I can. Thank you for all you are doing to get the word out and encouraging others to stand.

    1. Jessica,
      You home school your children, and that is commendable. But these ‘standards’ will affect you and your children as well, as the State will REQUIRE ALL CHILDREN to pass these CC tests in order to aquire State graduation certificates. You may NOT, BY LAW, even SEE the test…before, during, or after!
      Your child will be REQUIRED to sign an oath of secrecy that he/she will NOT divulge any portion of the test to you or to anyone else. This sounds just like what a child molester would do!
      No contract is valid when the signature party is a minor child, so the oath, initiated at the start of each test, is ILLEGAL. The State is, therefore, forcing participation of your child in an illegal activity!

      1. When are they going to require that our homeshooled kids take tests and how is that legal for them to do?

  2. I have been working to put together a Q and A session for my area that involves parents, proponents on the front lines of this fight (such as yourselves), and legislators. Could you please tell me who may be available to help us get some movement on this issue in our area?

  3. Carie, we have an 18 year old, transferred from Private school, credit juggled, now struggles to get assignments done–those that focus on corporate accountants) Because of the atmosphere at SHHS to “assess attitudes” of our children–mine hates being at school–tutors her age can’t communicate well to motivate her to come early or stay after school. Her counselor suggested she do (a second time) Electronic High School EHS yet without personal tutors is really worse…frozen & waiting for online classes, quizzes unfair (I’ve done it sitting by her side and I also fail to pass)
    JOIN THIS GROUP –Eagle Forum chapter covers Santaquin, Nephi (Juab co) Payson, Mona, Salem, Elk Ridge, Woodland Hills, West Mountain…HOW MANY HIGH SCHOOLERS have been in daughter’s shoes since 2010 when this CCSS started? HOW EFFECTIVE WOULD interview the victimized (DO THEY KNOW WHAT HIT THEM?) High Schooler/home schooled children getting a corporate focus curriculum; failing grades, no teacher help, High level assessment? WHY ARE NOT OUR STUDENTS WITH US AT THE CAPITAL and rallying other parents by our sides? K Gerber

  4. We are looking to put our kids in a local Charter school but what I am wondering about is how I find out if the charter school is using Common core or what system they are using?

  5. This effects homeschoolers! My sister and I have been looking into homeschool curriculum and we found it in, touch math, the latest addition of Saxon math, Alex’s math uses concepts from common core. It is also part of reading curriculum, which my daughters private school uses. Horizon curriculum also uses common core.

    Please carefully look into everything you are considering using.

  6. Yes I want to help spread the word about common core and how it’s dumbing our kids and needs to be stopped so please contact me I want to do all u can to wake uo America.

  7. I just wrote to my legislators. I’ll let you know what they say. We recently moved to Utah from Texas. It seems a lot of people don’t realize what is going on here. I will do my part to educate those around me. Thanks for this website. It is a huge help! My high school son was told that because of the new curriculum he could not take pre-calculus this summer to help prep him for calculus this fall. This “new” curriculum is ridiculous!

  8. I am wondering if this action page could be linked at the bottom of each post? Something like, “Take action! Click on this link to find out what you can do to help get Common Core out of Utah”.

    It would also be nice to have a post or a tab at the top that keeps us informed of what actions have taken place in the effort to get rid of Common Core, if any. Constantly being hit by negative information isn’t productive, letting everyone know what they can do, is.

    Thank you for all that you have done and *are* doing. Your hard work does NOT go unappreciated!

  9. Common Core Curriculum is only one slice of a large pie. Learn about UN Agenda 21. You will see that it is a United Nations redistribution of wealth, private property confiscation scheme that confines us to high density “urban containment areas” where we can be better controlled and monitored. We are in the inventory phase. The data mining element of CCC is part of the inventory phase. Let the common core reality sink in to the point that it can expand your mind to the total reality of what is happening in America. UNESCO is the root of the poisonous vine that is common core. School choice, vouchers, charter and private schools are not the answer. They may be the Trojan horse. Anything attached to federal funds will be tainted—anything! Dig a little deeper.

    1. This is all very true. I am so happy to see so many others putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Keep spreading the word – you are so right! I have studied this for years and education is a big part of United Nations agenda, backed by the International elite.

  10. I have my first child going into school this year and I wish I would’ve been educated on this before but is there still an effort to discontinue common core? Please tell me there is!

  11. The way i see it, Common core is designed with one thing in mind. It is designed to put a barrier between the parent and child! Parents can no longer help their children with school so they will put more trust in the teachers and the schools. There is imo no need for a child to learn 37 million ways to do one equation! If you ask me the common core is designed to hurt families and not help. No matter how many ways i psychoanalyze common core and it’s benefits, it all comes back to mindless brain chatter! Please someone explain even one benefit of it, as I cannot?

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