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Glenn Beck on Battling Common Core

On Glenn Beck’s show last night he invited legislators and groups from around the country to come in and discuss Common Core. Senator Margaret Dayton and Rep. Brian Greene from Utah were among the guests as were Gayle Ruzicka and Dalane England from Utah’s Eagle Forum. Glenn’s stated goal is to have Common Core dead in America by the beginning of school year 2014-15.

Glenn Beck Slams Common Core

On Glenn Beck’s show today, two Utah teachers, David Cox and Christel Swasey, joined Emmett McGroarty of the American Principles Project and Sherena Arrington in a discussion about Common Core State Standards. The show was excellent and if you would like to watch the entire show, sign up for a free two week trial on Glenn’s website and look for the episode from today (3-14-2013). Here’s a few clips from the show.


Segment on Data Collection

Segment on Math Lunacy and Freedom Issues