4 thoughts on “Glenn Beck on Privacy and Data Mining in Common Core”

  1. I made a comment ,but I guess it didn’t get into the system. I will try again. I’m a retired school teacher. I taught 1st through 6th grade and have a wide range of knowledge in Elementary Education I was in California when the Santa Clara School District was trying to implement “Sensitivity Training “in the schools, from K to 12th grade. Parents got together and read the material that was going to be put into the schools. The younger grade children were to get into a circle every day and answer questions that dealt with privacy issues concerning their family and others . Also how they felt about different issues. There were many other kinds of questions which the parents wouldn’t know about unless their child told them. Each child HAD to give an answer. The older students had to do the same, but in a different manner. Sex education and moral issues were addressed in a negative manner without the parents consent . As a community ,neighbors and parents we were able to defeat “Sensitivity Training ” being implemented into our schools. Once a program is put in place in any school it is very hard to remove. The teachers, administrators, and parents in Utah weren’t asked to review the Common Core. The Federal government offered the states MONEY — the Legislators went over the program and signed their approval to the bill. And then the Governor signed the bill to teach Common Core in UT. I hope that we can get together and see what we can do to remove this detrimental program and testing methods. Another concern is the data that will be kept on all students from K-12th grade and the privacy issues that will be ignored.

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