The Common Core Presentation

On Tuesday, July 10th, four experts on Common Core from out-of-state came to Utah to speak with the Governor, legislators, and the public. The videos below show two of their presentations. The audio on the public presentation is better than the legislator luncheon video so you may want to watch it.

We hope you will watch this presentation in its entirety to become better informed and educated on this vital issue of our day. If you would like to make a contribution to assist our efforts in spreading the truth about Common Core, please click the Contribute link to the right and select Common Core in block F. We appreciate your support and encourage you to share this video and other resources with friends and neighbors.

90-second Teaser from the public meeting Tuesday night


Full public meeting presentation


Full presentation to legislators

6 thoughts on “The Common Core Presentation”

  1. Thank you for all you do to help us fight back the tyranny in our country that is now going after our children. The singing touched my heart as it always does when I hear Americans singing praise to their country… AMERICA!!! If we don’t fight back there will come a day when these songs will not be permitted to be sung. We here in Tennessee have just started our battle with Common Core but it all of your hard work that is helping to guide people all over America. Thanks to UTAHNSAGAINSTCOMMONCORE, Jane Robbins and Emmiett McGroarty of American Principles Project.

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