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Utah Indoctrination

Unless Utah gets off federal education dollars immediately and implements true local control of education by parents at the school level, the indoctrination will continue. For a plan on how to do it, watch this: https://www.agencybasededucation.org/total-transformation-roadmap-local-control-education/

As many across the country are aware, a Lehi, Utah chemistry teacher was fire after the first day of school for going on a threatening anti-parent, pro-gay rant toward her students.


Instead of an atmosphere of inclusion and equity that left-wing teachers preach, they are the worst hypocrites for violating their own “standards.” Only when parents take control at the local level will this nonsense end by terminating teachers that can’t stick to their subject matter.

One mom in Alpine school district showed this video to her children and posted this on Facebook.

I showed this video to my 8th grade daughter who goes to Mountain Ridge. I told her that this video was making national news. She watched it, then I asked her what she thought. She said: “I don’t know why this is going viral. I hear stuff like this from my teachers all the time”.

I showed this video to my oldest who attended American Fork High School and is now at BYU. He watched it and said: “Mom, this is not new. I heard this in High School and I hear this at BYU.”

I knew snippets of their experiences, but now I am painfully aware that this mentality has permeated our local schools. I am sick about it.
That is 100% believable. BYU is one of the worst offenders for social justice and political correctness. Their education department actively promotes this garbage including through math.
Another mom just sent me this picture of a form her seventh grader received in an art class at the new Viewpoint Middle School in Lehi.
(Update: State Superintendent directs all Utah teachers to not ask students for pronouns as it violates federal and state law. https://www.kpcw.org/post/utah-teachers-directed-not-ask-students-pronouns#stream/0)
Pronouns on page

Student Indoctrination and Shaming in Provo S.D.

Want to see how social justice and leftist indoctrination works in public schools? Look no farther than “conservative” Provo, Utah. Think all is well in “Happy Valley”? Think this stuff only happens in California? Think again. It’s all over Utah (yes, you can read that sentence two ways).

I think it’s time to fire some teachers and find alternatives to sending your children to schools where their minds and values are warped and parents rights ignored and denigrated. Failure to act means the next generation just continues the slide toward social justice and socialism.

The stories below are from one parent with children at different schools and from multiple teachers. “Oh but surely MY children are just fine.” Ask your children what things are really like at their school. Do teachers engage in these kinds of behaviors? Those are teachers that don’t deserve the title. This isn’t teaching. They need replaced by people who don’t twist minds, lie to students, ignore parental desires, and coerce behavior. Schools are to be a support to families per state law. Instead, we have teachers engaging in child abuse.

If the system can’t police itself, which it clearly can’t, then something needs to change including allowing for punishments for teachers who violate basic principles like these stories illustrate.  This has been going on for years all across the state with teachers violating various laws as documented on this site and others. They never suffer more than a wrist slap unless they get caught doing something severe. Reshaping of minds through social justice techniques is clearly allowed because who wants to punish a teacher, right?

How can legislators be so blind as to not see the negative consequences that are going to come from passage of HB 118 this past session where teachers will now have the state sanctioned power to “incentivize” taking state standardized tests? Unbelievable.

Story 1 – this isn’t teaching

“Recently, my 6th grader was telling me about how they were discussing global warming in their, “science,” class and how man is destroying the planet, resources are being used up and time is running out to an inevitable apocalyptic end of life as we know it if drastic measures aren’t taken to reverse the damage we, humanity, have Done to mother Gaia!

I asked my son if the teacher had said anything about sun spots and the cyclical temperature changes the planet has been going through for as long as recorded history has been recording temperatures? He said, “NO WAY!”

I asked why not and he said, “Are you kidding… you DO NOT disagree with the teacher or you will be in BIG trouble!”

I again asked him, why not? His great-grandfather happens to be a world renowned climatologist who taught at UC Boulder among other major universities during his career and invented complex weather tracking/prediction models. His GGF would laugh out loud when would hear people going on about, “Manmade Global Warming”.  He would say things like, “These idiots think our polar ice caps are melting because of SUVs and Hummers. Well how the hell do they explain the ice caps on Mars melting at a relatively similar rate to ours? Last I checked the only vehicles on mars were electric and there is only one!” He would often talk about solar flares and how they would affect cyclical warming and cooling periods around the solar system depending upon the frequency and extremity of the solar flares happening on the surface of the sun. He would also comment on the level of hubris ,”these idiots must have to think they are significant enough to actually have an impact and make a difference either way.”

My son has heard me talk about these examples before but still wanted to stay out of it. He began to recount a recent example of when another student had been so bold as to offer an opposing position on the, “settled science”, and he was called out into the hall to be chastised by both of the 6th grade home room teachers while both classes watched  through the glass doors. Message sent, loud and clear! Dissenting points of view are not allowed… or at least that is what the perception of the students is at this point. “Perception is reality”, or so the saying goes.

My other son in 8th grade overheard this exchange and seconded the notion that it is not ok to offer an opinion on the issue other than what the teacher presents. He said that he too was going through similar classroom experiences at the middle school.”

[Oak note: Independent thinking not allowed. Both sides of an argument not being presented. This is being taught what to think, not how to think.]

Story 2 – the lies they tell

“My 8th grader was in class the other day when one of the RISE Civics tests were handed out. Everyone was taking the test except my son (who was opted out) so after all the tests were handed out, the teacher walked over to his desk and began to tell him in a voice loud enough for the whole class to hear, that she knew his parents didn’t want him to take the test, but that if he didn’t, he would not be able to graduate high school or even be able to get an associates degree.

She proceeded to list all the things he would be missing out on, which made him feel very uncomfortable in front of his peers and worry about all the negative connotations mentioned if he didn’t take the test. So much so, that he took it, even though we had exempted him previously; Verbally and in writing, to the Principle, office staff and the teacher.

Think about the message sent to all the other students who were witnessing this exchange.

This teacher acted in direct defiance of the parents wishes, publicly shamed and emotionally manipulated a minor in front his peers and violated the current state law relative to the situation.”

[Oak’s comments]

Here’s where you get information on opting your child out of state standardized tests.


https://schools.utah.gov/assessment (click parental exclusion and you’ll see the form. There are only 2 tests required: a civics test is required for graduation; and a CTE test is required for specific certification. No state tests are required for elementary or middle school. This teacher obviously knew that and knew this test had no bearing on college degrees. She clearly lied and manipulated this student and should be forced to apologize to the class and explain that she lied and manipulated the situation. She SHOULD be forced to do that, but will it happen? Doubtful. Administrators wouldn’t want to lessen teacher “authority” to the class, but it’s OK to destroy parental authority.)

Story 3 – Social justice and law breaking

“All year, I have been hearing about agenda based, framed questions from my son’s 8th grade English teacher about the, “undocumented immigrants” and the horrible things that are being done to them and constantly going on about how unfair their plight is and how we are doing nothing to help them to get to a better life, etc, etc, etc. I am sure you can imagine all the angles and ways that a teacher in that position, with a captive audience for the entire school year could cover such platitudes. As a side note, this is not the same teacher that has been going on about Global Warming that I mentioned before, that was the science teacher. That teacher just had them do an essay on, “What do you find alarming about Global Warming?” [Oak note: just the title of this assignment is indoctrinating and taking sides.]

Back to English class, he was recently given an assignment to come up with a plan to aid and abet the effort to help illegal aliens cross into the USA. Here is the assignment in his own words. 

‘We had to respond to the question, “What can I do to help immigrants get across the border of the United States of America?” Then, for the assignment, we had to come up with some type of physical object and a plan on what we can execute to succeed in that motive.

It was sort of like a project. We had to build a poster and respond to other related questions like, “What is our solution to this problem, why will it work and how are we going to do it?

Then we had to create a physical object that went with our plan, such as a legislative bill that we would propose, a website or an app or something that in some way correlates to the issue and our solution to it.’

So now, instead of just promoting the breaking of laws by the illegal immigrants, we are apparently getting into training on political activism and breaking the laws ourselves through criminal conspiracy and misprision? I mean, is this not disturbing?”

End Notes

1) Where is the legislator that will protect families and American culture? It’s clearly time for civil punishments where the school systems can’t or won’t monitor and police themselves.

2) I have a daughter attending a Utah college right now on a scholarship who doesn’t have a high school diploma or GED, and solely got that from her ACT score, single page homeschool transcript that showed what she did for four years prior to college, and transcript from an online charter school where she took some classes. Your children can get by just fine without local public schools or they can selectively dual-enroll and just take classes that suit them and homeschool for the rest without the indoctrination. Homeschooling is growing rapidly in Utah and with stories like these it’s not hard to see why. Click here for more information:


https://www.agencybasededucation.org/options/homeschooling/ (Is homeschooling right for your family?)

Blatant Political Indoctrination in 4th Grade Utah Classroom

politicalpartiesI am protecting the identity of the teacher and school this happened at for the time being in an effort to allow for additional information to hopefully come to light, but I want you to know that this was overheard by an individual who was passing a 4th grade Utah classroom last week. This person is willing to speak with a legislator about this to confirm his/her identity and testify this was very clearly stated. If this is happening in one classroom in this state, you can bet it’s happening in more.

I personally heard a teacher (or most likely, a substitute) saying “The Democratic Party passes laws that are for the common man. The Republican Party passes laws that are for corporations. WE are the common man.” She said this loud and clear, three times in a row, as though she were drilling it into the students’ heads.

I want to ask each of you to immediately consider filing for school board positions in your local races, and run to be a delegate in your caucus meetings. You can file for school board at your county seat AND MUST DO SO BY THIS THURSDAY OR YOU WILL BE TOO LATE. Some seats don’t even have candidates and many candidates are running unopposed at this point (come on Orem…). Please get out and file for office.

In leaving this school unidentified, I also hope that each of you will have a conversation about this with your child and learn what’s happening behind your back in the schools.

Public education has served as a check on the power of parents, and this is another powerful reason for maintaining it.”- John Goodlad, Developing Democratic Character in the Young, pg. 165 (Mr. Goodlad is a nationally prominent educator and has been BYU’s Department of Education consultant since 1983 and is well loved by professors in that department. It’s unknown if they share this view with Mr. Goodlad, but reading what Goodlad write about, and seeing what is going on in schools, should encourage a lot of you to consider homeschooling.)

I also received this email from a reading aide who gave permission to post her name with this. Too many people have fixated on the Common Core standards being indoctrinating in some way. That’s a red herring that we have never espoused. The standards are public, weak, and a convenient strawman for proponents of Common Core to accuse us of having as our focal point. It will always be things that aren’t immediately accessible to the public that push the troubling things, such as this reading aide notes.

“It was part of our SAGE training that our school put on. They were sample questions and I found them to be inappropriate for the grade level they were intended (3rd). Also in my reading endorsement class we were asked to read an article and write a 3-5 paragraph argumentative/persuasive essay for or against the article. We had to include facts out of the article that supported our position. This was a sample of part of the writing test that will be given to 5th grade and up. We asked the teacher how a student was to successfully argue against it without having an article to read showing the opposing side. She said that wasn’t the intent of the test and we had to teach our kids to read informative texts and pull facts from it regardless of how they may feel about what they are reading. I was stunned. The more I look into this the more I am convinced it has nothing to do with critical thinking and all to do with indoctrinating our children.” – Michelle Klaas Boulter, (Reading Aide at George Washington Academy in Saint George)

Last, here’s an email I received last night. This is pure behavioral testing of children. It has nothing to do with getting an education and everything to do with creating a profile of children. In fact, some of the questions could violate Utah law but most parents would never know this. If you didn’t watch the video on this page (https://www.utahnsagainstcommoncore.com/why-you-must-opt-your-child-out-of-all-computer-adaptive-tests/), please do so and you’ll understand why this is so critical.

“I’m wondering what you know about a certain test that my kids who are in a virtual charter school (Mountain Heights Academy) were required to take at the beginning of this year. It’s called the Engage Test.  I don’t think there could be a more ABSURD assignment, ever….. I sat with my son, 8th grade, as he began the test and had to witness till the end.  The questions were like, “True or False– I feel anger when others say rude things about me.”  Followed by “When people put me down in front of others I feel: (multiple choice)”.  “True or False– I try my best when I feel support from my parents.” “My teachers are able to help me when I have a question:  All the time, most of the time, sometimes, once in a while, never (choose).”  THIS WENT ON FOR 120 QUESTIONS. Insane.  My son and I were aghast as page after page kept coming and we couldn’t skip to the end, nor could we skip any questions or it would say “enter field”.

At the time, I didn’t know better than to just do the assignment, but now I would just simply ignore it and let the lesson go undone.  Before he did it, we kept getting automated phone called saying it wasn’t done, so I guess it was a big deal to them. If I hadn’t sat down with him, I wouldn’t have known about it.  I wonder how many other parents just don’t know what’s being assigned?

All that being said, let me share with you a letter from former State Superintendent Patti Harrington which she sent to all House members when HB 223 and 228 were up for votes. Bolding below is Ms. Harrington’s. Red text is mine.

Good morning House Representatives –

Thank you for passing HB223 School Board Elections (J. Nielson) last night!  Utahns deserve to vote directly on the candidates for the State Board – those who set policy for the schools that serve their most precious possessions – their children.  We appreciate legislators who have brought this issue to light during the 2014 Session.

The House may hear today HB228 Utah State Board of Education Elections and Reporting Amendments (B. Greene).  Respecting (as we do) both sponsors, may we offer some reasons from discussions with your local school board members on why State Board elections should remain non-partisan and open?

  • The State Board of Education is a independent board, independent from both the legislative and executive branch, although vitally involved in both.  The State Board is Constitutionally protected in its independence.  Partisan races for seats on the Board may easily erode some of the Board’s independence.
  • Today’s use of internet and social media allows state board candidates to reach nearly all voters in all areas of the state and at reasonable cost; a political party doesn’t have to do that for them or fund their campaigns. 
  • Politics may create instability in schools in terms of changing policies, altered resources, shifting regulations, etc.  Schools operate best when children feel stability and are provided with excellent resources and quality teachers, none of whom have to worry about certain political candidates in the next election who may alter programs or shift resources.
  • Teachers try hard to keep politics out of the classroom, (except as it relates to approved Social Studies core standards).  If the State Board becomes partisan and members take political positions affecting schools, the likelihood of politics being discussed in schools, unfortunately, increases. Let’s leave discussions of political persuasion to parents/guardians in the home, and, for the older student, let’s leave it on the public square, not in the setting of public education.   Students grow to trust and often love their school teachers; let’s not put them at odds with the politics of their homes from increased political influence on schools.
  • Children do not come to school as Republicans or Democrats; neither should their policy leaders.

Thank you for considering this in your work today!  And thank you for all you do to support public education!

Dr. Patti Harrington

Executive Director

Utah School Superintendents Association

Dear Ms. Harrington, you may want to re-evaluate your statements based on what’s really happening in Utah classrooms.

Your five points have issues as well.

1) The state board doesn’t have constitutionally protected independence. By saying such you are demonstrating you don’t understand what “general control and supervision” means in the Utah constitution. It doesn’t create a 4th branch of government which the other 3 can’t touch.

2) Really? You think the internet provides clear and accurate information to voters? Who among the public takes the time to look up who is running for state school board? School board races are the least watched and most critical races in the state. School boards affect the rising generation and the public is totally in the dark about who is running. Not 1 in 100 voters looks up their state school board candidate’s website, and none of those websites indicate the depth of information that should be known about a candidate. They’re full of safe, politically correct statements. The only way to understand a candidate is to grill that person. The public is completely underserved by not having partisan elections where the political philosophy of a candidate is known so that people know how that person will act. Political parties don’t have to fund people’s campaigns and that’s not what partisan elections are about. You should run to become a delegate and see the amount of work that goes into vetting candidates for office. That’s what it’s about. It isn’t just “how Republican” or “Democrat” you are. People ask about qualifications for positions such as involvement in education, understanding their background, what motivated them to run, and many other things that will never be stated on a billboard or yard sign.

3) Prove this. Where have partisan elections created instability in school district boards? If you elected 7 Democrats to a school district, or 7 Republicans, which set is going to shut down the schools? To infer they will is fearmongering. Texas moved to partisan elections a while back and their children aren’t dealing with massive instability in schools. What happened in Texas was conservatives on the state board brought balance to what was being taught in schools. They didn’t gut liberals out of schools. They just made sure BOTH SIDES OF AN ISSUE WERE PRESENTED. (see Michelle’s story above for why this is important)

4) Please refer to the first story at the top of this page. Here’s another story about youth being indoctrinated that communism isn’t that bad. I’ve had plenty more like it over the years. It’s taking place precisely because teachers are of all political persuasions and if they sense they can shape their students, it’s pretty natural to make them question… Then prove the rest of your assertion. Texas has had partisan elections since the 90’s. They aren’t sending political party recruiters into schools to change students beliefs. Not like what just got exposed in Utah above… How many more classrooms is this happening in without the knowledge of parents?

5) You cannot separate personal politics from public action. Partisan elections aren’t to polarize the board by identifying who belongs to what party, but by letting hundreds or thousands of delegates make the best decision they can for the public at large, and then letting the public choose between more clearly defined alternatives who have all been vetted by a smaller number of locally elected representatives, we get the best possible candidates. There is no better system than informed people making a decision for the public at large. That’s a political form called a Republic which we pledge allegiance to and you swore an oath to the Constitution to defend and uphold. Non-partisan elections do not fit that form of government so well. They are more akin to Democracy where people are more easily swayed by big money campaigns.

It’s clearly time for partisan elections in Utah. We need to let the cream rise to the top, and not have a committee of the governor’s appointees filter out candidates based on their views such as asking people, “what do you think of Common Core” and then eliminating them from consideration if they say anything less than how wonderful it is.