Governor thinks we’re not on Common Core?

Connor Boyack of the Libertas Institute posted this to Facebook over the weekend

In an interview yesterday on Red Meat Radio (a local political talk show on Saturday mornings), Governor Herbert said:

“Now I recognize that there’s a lot of misunderstanding out there, and some of that’s in part because people think we’re involved in the Common Core, and the difference between that and the Utah core, and we think there’s some kind of a federal overreach here, and that’s an exaggeration.”

He then proceeded to argue that those who are concerned should air their grievances with the local and state school board, citing Alpine School District as a case study where concerned parents were successful in getting the Math curriculum changed.

(Interestingly, Oak Norton and others who fought for that change are prominently fighting against Common Core as well, which the Governor dismisses as mere “misunderstanding” on the part of these parents…)

Evidently the governor isn’t aware that State Superintendent Menlove and our own state filings agree that Utah is on Common Core and the Common Core website shows Utah as having adopted Common Core.

The difference between the Utah core and Common Core, which I would expect our governor to know, is that the Utah core covers other subjects besides ELA and math, but those two subjects were fully adopted by Utah without any changes as source documents clearly show and the State Superintendent agrees.

The fact that the governor thinks there is no federal overreach is troubling. The feds funded both assessment consortia (SBAC and PARCC) and coerced the states with Race to the Top money to adopt the standards. (Plans exist to merge SBAC and PARCC)

18 thoughts on “Governor thinks we’re not on Common Core?”

  1. Governor Herbert
    Get rid of Common core or the people will get rid of you!!!!!!
    It is in Utah lying RATT!!!!!
    Enough with government mind control!!!!!

  2. Governor Herbert and confusion go hand in hand far too often. He sucks up to the refinery owners for funding his campaign, then in the same breath will chastise families keeping warm with a fireplace in their home saying they are the cause of our inversion air quality issues?

    Herbert is either infringing on our 2nd amendment rights or stripping children of a good education or making some other excuse for lack of action and true leadership.

    Herbie has gone bananas!

  3. The reason the Governor doesn’t think we’re using Common Core, is because he didn’t understand what he signed onto at the Governor’s Conference a few years back. He didn’t read the “bill”, he still hasn’t read the “bill”, and he must defend a “bill” he doesn’t understand (or doesn’t want to understand), because he brought it here. Why would he want to admit to bringing a virus into the state?

  4. Information must not filter up in his administration…must not be important enough to find out the truth.

  5. Rep Greg Hughes held a meeting to discuss educational issues on Tues April 1 at Corner Canyon High School. I attended that meeting. Dave Crandall, Mark Openshaw, Jennifer Johnson, and Jefferson Moss — all from the state school board — sat on the panel along with Dr. Doty (ex-superintendent of Canyons District). Dave Crandall specifically confirmed that we are using Common Core for math and ELA, and he even passed around a printed copy of the CCSS.

  6. The governor knows exactly what he is doing. Many people have spoken with him about what he signed onto. Pride won’t let him admit his mistake. Time for a new governor.

  7. Governor Herbert isn’t ignorant and he didn’t drink the USOE koolaide. He isn’t blind and he’s not confused. He deliberately and knowingly sold us out. He knows we’re on Common Core. He knew exactly what he signed when he signed it. He is a liar and he’s got to go. Our children’s future depends on his being removed from office at the next election, him and all the State BOE who also knowingly signed us onto this thing and continue to lie about it.

  8. Whether the Governor knew or not he should know by know. Are we sending/calling en masse to let him know?

    1. He’s had mountains of meetings with panels of people all explaining the horrors of Common Core, verified by original documents and backed up by educational experts, including Sandra Stotsky, one of two professional educators on the CC validation committee, both of whom refused to sign off on it. She is a nationally-acclaimed curriculum-writer. She offered to write a superior curriculum for Utah for free. Herbert ignored her. She wrote the curriculum anyway and offered it to anyone who wanted to use it. Herbert ignored her. He is not ignorant and he is not uninformed. He is dishonest.

  9. I don’t believe that Governor Herbert does not realize the Utah IS on Common Core…he is just trying to blur the lines between Common Core/Utah Core terminology. On the other hand, if he really is THAT stupid and uninformed as our state’s governor, it is WAY past he is voted OUT. I have been thinking that he is too wishy-washy these days and this just reaffirms my opinion.

  10. This is very frustrating. I teach math and was told we would be implementing the Common Core. We chose textbooks that were aligned with the Common Core. The map on the Common Core website says we are part of the Common Core. The source documents say we intended to be part of the Common Core. If we truly are not part of the Common Core it is time for our Governor, State School Board, superintendents, etc. to tell that to Arne Duncan and the rest of the Common Core community. (Or could it be that we really aren’t in charge of our own standards that we don’t own the copyright on?)

    We have some people riding the fence here and if they aren’t careful they could end up being rubbed raw. Some folks are trying to have it both ways.

  11. My 10 old daughter is struggling in school because of Common Core.
    She is always feeling frustrated with school & she cries a lot because she can’t understand what the Common Core is trying teach her. She hates school because of it.
    She is not stupid but it makes her feel stupid.
    We need to get Common Core out of Utah schools period.

  12. There is something that Governor Herbert said that I completely agree with. We need to take our concerns to our local school boards. Who knows, perhaps even the state school board would change if enough people contacted them.

  13. I believe with those who believe the Governor KNOWS…he is lying and trying to mislead. For me, he needs to go! He has three strikes…1. Common Core, SAGE, P20W, etc. 2. The largest NSA spy building in America, which makes my backyard a terriost threat and takes too much of our precious water. 3. Allowing a nuclear plant to be built in Southern UT in earthquake territory and not enough water again if it has problems. Fukashima leaks daily and it is polluting our water and food supply. Europe is getting rid of nuclear power and UT is getting it? HE has lost all respect.

  14. Sadly, our under-informed (“whatever”) voters in this state will end up electing this Governor for another term. Distortion of the truth is contagious – and the virus has spread from Washington to Utah.

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