What Did They Used to Say About Common Core? Just Listen!

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This video contains actual audio from the beginning of the Common Core standards discussion in Utah. Having listened to these meetings, I wanted to make sure some key points were readily accessible and available to everyone.

As human beings, sometimes it’s helpful to go back to original sources instead of listening to talking points.  This information on the Common Core process is invaluable in providing insight from those who were there at the time. What was their perspective, and what was their focus?

Please take a few minutes to watch and to understand what was being said about Common Core from the very beginning, not the least of which was the Utah State Board Agenda Item: “National Common Standards”.  Contrast this to the Utah State Office of Ed flyer which states: “Fiction: Utah adopted nationalized education standards that come with federal strings attached.”  Then ask these questions:

What was the overriding reason for Utah joining in with a group that was developing national, common standards?

Was there any federal involvement, real or implied, that motivated the jump into Common Core?

With all the public involvement, who do you know who was involved in vetting the Common Core standards?

The answers you get may be different from what you are being told.


Links to audio files featured in the video:
May 1, 2009 Utah School Board Meeting, Agenda Item: National Common Standards
June 17, 2009 Legislative Interim Education Committee Meeting
Quoted audio starts about 27:30
July 18, 2011 Alpine School Board Training, select the first audio file, quoted starts about 27:14

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  1. absolutely not should we ever let Washington D.C. dictate what Utah educators and parents teach our kids. I am a grandma of 5 kids who live here in Utah and am very concerned what “lessons” my kids would be forced to attend.

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