The Pope strikes out at Common Core

Didn’t see this one coming… :)  From a speech Pope Francis gave over the weekend that dealt with moral and religious issues, comes this report on the Cardinal Newman Society website.

And in this regard I would like to express my rejection of any kind of educational experimentation with children. We cannot experiment with children and young people,” the Holy Father reportedly said. “The horrors of the manipulation of education that we experienced in the great genocidal dictatorships of the twentieth century have not disappeared; they have retained a current relevance under various guises and proposals and, with the pretense of modernity, push children and young people to walk on the dictatorial path of ‘only one form of thought.”The Holy Father also reportedly warned against the dangers “posed by contemporary culture and widespread mentality propagated by the mass media.”

Dr. Andrew Seeley, executive director of the Institute for Catholic Liberal Education and a tutor at Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, Calif., warned in “The Common Core vs. the Classical Roots of Catholic Education” that the goals and methods of the Common Core are fundamentally at odds with the discovery of Truth at the heart of an authentically Catholic education.

Seeley stated his belief that “under the guise of mutual understanding, curricular materials are likely to usher in an aggressively secular orthodoxy,” and the Common Core will in fact become a “dictatorship of relativism.”

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5 thoughts on “The Pope strikes out at Common Core”

  1. This is so wonderful to see. I’m wondering though… many catholic diocese have adopted cc, but the holy father is against it?

    1. I think many adopted it because everyone else was. It’s very gratifying to see that more leaders are awake to the dangers of what Common Core represents.

    2. Catholic schools in USA are generally under the control of liberal nuns. Be sure this pope will be addressing that soon. He has clearly stated that common core is a form of genocide. The pope has made this clear and he is coming next month. Spread the word that the pope condemns common core. Thus the bishops of usa are in disobedience that accept common core. That simple

  2. CC is adopted easily for a reason, and really only one obvious reason; FUND$! There is really no other reason. Utah jumped to sign up & accept the FUND$ before the program was really completely written! It’s so much like the ACA (Obama Care) also shoved down American’s throats without a vote, in which they “had to adopt it before they even read it” or understand unintended consequences in loss of privacy, free speech, and personal pursuit of happiness in both cases. All will be forced thru a complicated machine driven Education & Career Path system chosen for all INDIVIDUAL children; one size fits all. It feels so Orwellian…. which certainly won’t be on the reading list or part of the CC curriculum!-c

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