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Who is Sir Michael Barber?

Sir Michael BarberWho is Sir Michael Barber and why do you need to know this person? He’s the new Marc Tucker with a clear global agenda. At last month’s British Education Summit he gave a speech entitled, “Whole System Revolution: The Education Challenge For the Next Decade.” He’s all about global citizens, sustainability, and human capital. Barber is the Chief Education Advisor to Pearson. Pearson was involved with Common Core from the very beginning and is one of the largest providers (if not #1) of curriculum for schools.

Here are two articles to get better acquainted with Sir Michael Barber.



“If you want irreversible reforms, work on the culture and the minds of teachers and parents,” Barber says. He says this is important; otherwise, parents or traditionalists might repeal what’s been done because of their “wish for the past.” He defines “sustainable reform” as “irreversible reform” and aims to “make it so it can never go back to how it was before.”