Local vs. Centralized Control, a World Map

Alyson Williams sent this in and I thought it was interesting and would post it.


I was reading a sample chapter of Yong Zhao’s book, “World Class Learners” where he’s describing the difference between centralized control and local control of education. Speaking of local control:

“The second type has no national control of student learning experiences, leaving much of the curriculum decision to local education authorities. The local can be instantiated at the state or provincial level. In some contexts, the local has been defined in an even more granular or grass-roots policy grid that places the determinative decision making at the community or even school level. The United States, Canada, and Australia are traditionally the prime examples of the second category.” Zhao, p. 28

It reminded me of this map I’d seen recently showing world bank projects around the world. I couldn’t help but notice the 3 countries exemplary of local control of education, similarly stand out on this map.

World Bank Projects – click for full size



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