Don’t pick up that pencil

Some New York parents are telling their kids to practice some civil disobedience and not pick up that pencil when Common Core testing starts. I can’t help but feel this is a worthwhile endeavor for parents in Utah as well. Keep your kids away from the psychological SAGE/AIR tests.

Here is Glenn Beck’s segment on the news report. Below it is the actual news report.

2 thoughts on “Don’t pick up that pencil”

  1. Re the video: “No time to waist” (?) I’m sure they meant “No time to waste” I wonder how many viewers noticed. I wonder who wrote the statement. I wonder where they were educated.

    I wonder how long it will take to powers that be to label those children who refuse to pick up the pencil as “at risk” and the parents of those children as “dangerous.”

    Nevertheless, I have a few words for those courageous families: “You go, New York! Don’t touch those pencils!”

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