Why is ExxonMobile running Common Core ads?

ExxonMobile, a recognized leader in education standards, err……, a gas and oil company who needs robotic workers who do what they’re told, is promoting the Common Core agenda in TV ads, most recently during the Masters Tournament. You can see what some people started tweeting during the Masters ads here:

ExxonMobile has a page on their site dedicated to Common Core and its high standards.

Call ExxonMobil at 972-444-1000 and leave a message to protest the Common Core TV Ads.  We know Common Core is a cash cow for many companies, but it’s at legitimate education’s expense.  Please protest.  Here’s the ad and below it is a must watch segment from Glenn Beck talking about it with audio from Bill Gates talking about Common Core creating a line of customers…

One thought on “Why is ExxonMobile running Common Core ads?”

  1. On the Exxon site, there is a contact form, and this is what I wrote them….
    “Your ‘Community and Development’ page supports COMMON CORE efforts in education. I do not think that you have seriously studied these standards, as they are lower than the standards which are now being applied in U.S. schools, as well as schools internationally. Do you seriously want to advertise that you want to lower U.S. scholastic standards?
    If these standards are applied, the United States will falter and fall even farther on the world stage of education. Please investigate the results of the applications of this program, and withdraw your considerate support.

    Ralph Roshto”

    If the people of Utah feel the same, please follow my example and let them know, otherwise they will never know how you feel. A few million customers buying competing products just might get their attention.

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