Bill Evaluators Needed!

Today we act.
Today we act.

The Legislative session starts next week and over 100 education bills have already been submitted with another 100 likely lying in wait.

We need your help!

If a few people from each legislative district step forward and read some of the bills authored by their Representative and Senator, then each volunteer would have only a handful of bills to evaluate.  

We’ve come up with a simple process to make evaluations as easy as possible. To begin, simply contact us for your assignment, download and open the UACC Bill Evaluation Form and Instructions: How to Evaluate a Bill in 5 Steps . Then follow the Instructions contained therein. We encourage you to begin now!

Let us reassure you that evaluations don’t need to be perfect, we know you are not a lawyer and don’t expect you to know everything. Multiple people will be evaluating each bill, so if you miss something someone else will likely pick up on it. If you have any questions we will be supporting each-other in UACC’s Facebook Group!

To Begin:

1)Use our Contact Us page to volunteer. Tell us how many bills you will do and we’ll email you back an assignment .

1)Download the Instructions: How to Evaluate a Bill in 5 Steps

2)Download the UACC Bill Evaluation Form

3)Please complete and submit your evaluations by Monday, February 3rd.


12 thoughts on “Bill Evaluators Needed!”

  1. I have been fighting common core since the beginning. I am in touch with legislators, because I am also fighting cyber-school funding. I am familiar with looking bills up and reading them. I currently teach my 3 grandchildren ( cyber school). I also know how corrupt our education committee is in Pa. I would really like to help and belong to a group. I currently have a page on facebook( save our cyber schools in Pa.) but a lot of it is dedicated to the common core. I also have a lot of inside information you may be interested in.

  2. There was some confusion yesterday. We need as many people as possible to come help evaluate bills. Even if you can only evaluate a bill or two it would help immensely. Please visit this website to download the forms and start evaluating ASAP!

    1. Assigning people by representative is an easy way to spread the load so every bill will get evaluated. If you are already reading a bill for other reasons you might as well send in an evaluation for it. If your Legislators aren’t sponsoring any education related bills go ahead and pick a legislator who has sponsored a lot of education bills. Make sure to download the instructions and evaluation form to begin right away!

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