Governor picks Pro-Common Core State Board Member as Advisor

Governor Herbert made it abundantly clear this week that he loves Common Core by selecting Tami Pyfer to be his new education advisor. Tami recently participated in the debate in Logan as one of the state representatives along with Dave Thomas.

The best way to express your disappointment is to help your legislators understand that we want out of Common Core and it’s agenda and strings. We already know that the state signed onto Common Core knowing it would have high federal involvement, a full year before the standards were released (read here). Statements from the Governor or State Board members denying these facts and failing to provide documents to the contrary, just illustrate how much trouble we are in.


One thought on “Governor picks Pro-Common Core State Board Member as Advisor”

  1. Your Children Are Guinea Pigs for a Radical Education Experiment-Common Core Exposed – 2014-01-26

    Governor Herbert has been ill-advised by the State School Board, and both have seriously bought in to the federal government lie that Common Core is a good thing that will help Utah’s children be better prepared for employment in the coming world. Being an excellent administrator, having once reviewed Common Core with his advisors and having once decided to implement it in Utah, the Governor continues to support what he believes is a good program for our state. However, much like Obamacare (which was sold as helping consumers by lowering the cost while improving the benefits of health insurance, and by assuring consumers that if they liked their plans and their doctors they could keep their plans and their doctors-and all these were later found to be lies), as Common Core is implemented, the Common Core lies also begin to unravel.

    Before Common Core, educational standards (which determine what is taught and tested for) were written by each state with input from the grassroots (i.e. children, parents, grandparents, teachers, local school boards, local leaders, etc.) based on community values, expectations and goals and backed by researched, evidence-based and time-tested principles. Common Core has never been studied, there is no evidence that it can accomplish what is promised and there has not been even a single pilot study. Do you agree with the government that American children should be mandatory guinea pigs in this academic experiment?

    Common Core was developed and forced upon the States (enticing them with promises of big money) by the federal government, based on Big Government “secular/pagan” values and Big Government/Big Corporation goals to have a ready supply of compliant employees/bureaucrats by total brainwashing and indoctrination of students, total federal control of educational pathways students will take (i.e. college versus vocational, etc.), and gaming the system to produce fake “outcome equality” (i.e. mediocrity) by means of computer “adaptive” testing. By test design, regardless of what the student actually knows about the subject, every child scores near the 50% mark on each test such that each child passes every course and graduates at the top of his class.

    Just as illegal immigration is designed by the federal government to produce manual laborers who will require lower wages than citizens would, the federal government has designed Common Core to produce automatons, parroting the party-line, carrying out orders and decrees and accepting whatever fate the government decides for them without objection. If you want to learn more of the truth about Common Core, more than the whitewashed hype you can get from the government or the mainstream media, comment here or read through this website; you can also click on my blog site link above.

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