One thought on “Dixie Allen’s Conversation with a Homeschool Mom”

  1. Thanks for sharing, Oak. The exchange was particularly frustrating because, honestly, I expected to just get a simple “yes and here’s why” or “no and here’s why.” But I just could not get a straight answer. I expect that of long-term politicians. I didn’t expect it from a school board member.

    In hindsight, that was naive. For two decades I’ve navigated the sea of ed-speak teachers/administrators use to puff up their positions. As Professor Martin Kozloff said in the Los Angeles Times, “It allows teachers and administrators to insulate themselves from scrutiny and maintain a grip on power…It’s a way to underscore the message that, I’m a professional, so give me your kid and leave me alone. All professional language is turf language.”

    The people who call learning to read “phonemic awareness” and created the A/B schedule with class times from 9:42-11:17 shouldn’t be expected to speak without obfuscation.

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