Utah teacher perverting U.S. history with Howard Zinn

I received this email from someone last week which I think many of you will be interested in. This is not Common Core related, although we all know about the awful perversion of AP U.S. History that has taken place under the College Board which is aligning everything to Common Core. Here is what she sent me. Take action below.

My daughter goes to Cottonwood High School. She had her first AP US History and her teacher told them that the history they learned in elementary was all a lie. They read from “History is a Weapon” by Howard Zinn where he tells them that the US is founded on genocide of the Native Americans. My daughter also tells me that the other students in the class believe the teacher.

Please do the following:

1) Email your local and/or state school board member and ask them to make sure Howard Zinn’s version of U.S. history isn’t being portrayed in your school district classrooms. I would include what this mother’s letter contains.

2) Carbon copy your legislators and the governor on your email.

If you don’t have your legislators email addresses, get them here (http://le.utah.gov/GIS/findDistrict.jsp)

Governor Herbert’s contact form is here. Copy/paste your email to him:


3 thoughts on “Utah teacher perverting U.S. history with Howard Zinn”

    1. a Must read and view–Dinesh D’Souza’s book and DVD “America, What …like without Her.”–stunning background and dangers of Howard Zinn’s radical ideology

    2. Howard Zinn is an unrepentant communist who continually asserts in his books how evil the USA has been since its founding. The only reason his “book” was/is a best-seller is because liberal-socialist professors in many colleges require its use as the textbook for their classes.

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