2 thoughts on “Charlotte Iserbyt on Common Core Takeover”

  1. People really need to get their hands on EVERYTHING Charlotte writes. She has been sounding the alarm about computers and data collection for years. She has tried to warn us and now here we are facing the issue of the computers in schools for every child. This is how they will manipulate our children and change their values, minds, souls, attitudes because that is all they are really concerned about. Manipulation not education. It is Communist education and our country has been working with Russia for years to change the values of Americans. It is here NOW and we must stop the computers and the data collection for that is the real evil we are facing. If we don’t stop that ending Common Core will really do nothing to stop the agenda. We also MUST stop Charter Schools. Parents need to stop sending their children to these schools and they will shut down. Charlotte also has written about Charters and their real agenda. And Charters have NOTHING to do with Choice or helping the poor. As a matter of fact they will offer NO CHOICE and hurt the poor in the end.

  2. I have been attending the regional Metropolitan Planning Organization monthly meetings for over four years now. I have a web page Agenda21InUtahCounty.com which documents some of the “regionalization” under UN Agenda 21 planning and zoning. The overall plan of seizing property from the individual and transferring it to government is outlined in an analysis of Growing Smart a Legislative Guidebook which is included on the site. It may not be the most entertaining reading. But, it is most important and easier than reading the two book set themselves. I have witnessed the gradual capacity of this “appointed” organization made up of elected mayors and state government bureaucrats to increase their power, siphoning it away from the cities where we have “elected” officials accountable to the voting public. Charlotte is spot on. What we are witnessing is the gradual restructuring of elected government to appointed boards. On Thursday September the 4th, Mountainland Association of Governments is recommending that the MPO authorize the chair to sign a resolution in favor of Tier-3 gasoline. This gasoline will destroy the gas lines of current automobiles unless they are retrofitted with stainless steel. They want us out of our automobiles and dependent on public transportation. Also, resolution making is a “legislative” function, not the function of a coordinating group of independent cities. This is a usurpation of power than must not go unchecked. This is a deep rabbit hole. I recommend that anybody aware of the common core issue, take some time to devote to understanding the end game of it all by looking at UN Agenda 21 issues. BOTH Agenda 21 and Common Core originated at the same organization—the United Nations.

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