Utah GOP Anti-Common Core Resolution PASSES

At the Utah GOP convention today, delegates passed a resolution to oppose Common Core with what’s been reported as a 65.5% YEA vote! That’s a huge margin on a resolution that the state office of education worked hard to oppose.

A big thank you to all volunteers who spent time passing out information this morning to help educate delegates, and a big thank you to the delegates who made the right choice.

Resolution on Common Core State Standards and Assessments

WHEREAS, The Common Core State Standards Initiative (“Common Core”), also known as “Utah’s Core,” [1] is not a Utah state standards initiative, but rather a set of inferior nationally-based standards and tests developed through a collaboration between two NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) and unelected boards and consortia from outside the state of Utah;[2] and,

WHEREAS, Common Core was financed with private foundation funds,[3] replacing the influence of our votes with wealth and influence to bypass our state legislature and impose control over Utah’s education standards and tests;[4] and,

WHEREAS, Common Core binds us to an established copyright over standards, from which we cannot subtract, replace or add to – beyond an additional 15%;[5] and,

WHEREAS, the General Educational Provisions Act [6] prohibits federal authority over curriculum and testing, yet the U.S. Department of Education’s “Cooperative Agreements”[7] confirm[8] Common Core’s test-building [9] and data collection[10] is federally managed;[11] and,

WHEREAS, “student behavior indicators”[12] – which include testing[13] for mental health, social and cultural (i.e. religious) habits and attitudes[14] and family status – are now being used for Common Core tests and assessments; and,

WHEREAS, Common Core violates Utah[15] state and federal privacy laws[16] by requiring the storage and sharing[17] of private[18] student[19] and family data without consent;[20] using a pre- school through post-graduate (P-20) tracking system and a federally-funded State Longitudinal Database (SLDS), creating surveillance capability[21] between states[22] and federal agencies,[23] in accordance with funding mandates;[24] and,

WHEREAS, Common Core violates constitutional[25] and statutory prohibitions by pressuring states to adopt the standards with financial incentives tied to President Obama’s Race to the Top, and if not adopted,  penalties[26] including[27] loss of funds; and,

WHEREAS, the federal[28] government is imposing yet another unfunded mandate on our State[29] for unproven[30] Common Core instruction[31], training and testing platforms, without any pledge of financial support from federal, state or local governments; and,

WHEREAS, unproven experiments[32] on our children, lacking empirical data[33] to support them, are removing traditional math, replacing classic literature[34] with increased technical reading[35], and prohibiting teachers from reviewing the tests to know what they ought to be teaching; and,

WHEREAS, this top-down process and the principles behind Common Core[36] undermine the teacher’s role[37] and do not support American and Republican ideals of local control,[38] parental choice[39] in education, standards and testing; and,

WHEREAS, the Republican National Committee recently passed a resolution opposing Common Core State Standards;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that we call on the Governor[40] and the Utah State School Board to withdraw from, and we ask the Utah State Legislature to discontinue funding programs[41] in association with, The Common Core State Standards Initiative/Utah’s Core and any other alliance[42] that promotes and tests for un-American[43] and inferior,[44] curricula,[45] standards[46] and assessments; and,

THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a copy of this resolution shall be delivered to the Governor and the State legislature for executive and legislative action.

Submitted by State Delegate Cherilyn Eagar, Salt Lake County
State Delegate Co-Sponsors:  Wasatch – Alisa Ellis, Norman Durtschi, Anissa Wardell, Patricia Deden, Suzanne Pollard Juab – Stella Lightfoot Washington – Mary Burkett Box Elder Jeff Hardy Weber –  Lance Adams, Dan Deuel, Bea Cardwell, Clark Roberts, Laura Warburton, Gregory Martin, Becky Gerritsen Iron – Blake Cozzens Davis – Rod Arquette, Mark Arrington, Dale Hulse, Stephanie Terry, Kris Kimball, Phill Wright, Mark Cook, Christopher Snell, Bruce Bolingbroke, Barbara Derricott, Stephen P. Cloward, James Oldham, Elizabeth Mumford Summit – Jacqueline Smith Salt Lake – JaKell Sullivan, Jennifer Jensen, Maryann Christensen, Laureen Simper, Larry Jensen, Lisa Cummins, John M. Knab, Scott Miller, Rhonda Hair, Phoenix Roberts, Eric Fowler, Tana Allen, Chelsea Woodruff, Jennifer Jensen, Janalee Tobias, Kendall Springer, Kathryn Gritton, Brian Gallagher, Brent Maxwell, Rebecca Akester, Kurt Jaussi, Joseph Darger Utah – Gayle Ruzicka, Kristen Chevrier; Rod Mann, Larry Cerenzie, Clark Parker, Nancy Jex, Marie Nuccitelli, Amelia Powers, Brandon Watters, Barbara H. Ward, William C. Lee, Heather Williamson, Darren Rollins, Peter Morkel, Lisa Baldwin, Don Carlos Davies, Todd Seager, Rhonda Wilkinson, Alyson Williams, Sherilyn Colby, Diana Ballard, Delvon Bouwhuis, Mike Bready, Richard Jaussi, Tamara Atkin, Jamie Towse, Julie Blaney, Kent Besaw, Kevin Braddy

School Board-Legislative Endorsers: Congressman Jason Chaffetz; State Representatives Jake Anderegg, Brian Greene, Keith Grover, Mike Kennedy, David Lifferth, Curt Oda, Marc Roberts; State Senators Margaret Dayton, Mark Madsen, Stuart Reid; Curt Bramble School Board Members Joyce Sudweeks, (Piute), Peter Cannon (Davis), Brian Halladay, Wendy Hart, Paula Hill (Alpine)



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36 thoughts on “Utah GOP Anti-Common Core Resolution PASSES”

  1. Thank you to all of the delegates who have taken the time to research and understand the Common Core Initiative. I applaud you for your vote and hope this will help persuade Utah’s Governor and Legislature to stop Common Core in Utah. Those of you who were willing to stand up for our children’s best interests deserve our sincere and heartfelt gratitude. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  2. I’m glad to see that all the good, informed people that have been working so hard to bring forth the facts about Common Core have been heard and we have arrived at this point! Common Core is NOT something we should be involved in!! We also appreciate the radio and TV Talk Show Hosts that have addressed this on their shows to help spread the word and ALL those that have sacrificed their time and energy to bring this to fruition!

  3. I just hope we the citzens of utah are ready to
    vote or remove the people from their post that
    may try to retain common core.

  4. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I am so grateful. Hopefully this is one more step to get us out of common core. Lets continue to make our voices heard!

  5. This is awesome! Thanks Oak, Christel, Renee, Alisa, and all the rest who have worked so tirelessly to get this resolution passed. We appreciate your time and hard work…lets just hope the Gov and USOE are listening. It’s been frustrating to hear reps from the USOE (Jesse, Park, etc) at SAGE/AIR meetings tell us that most of whom they talk with at “other” SAGE/AIR meetings “like” CCSS, but knowing that 90-95% of all those we’ve seen or read about at those meetings have NOT. Now here’s proof that we were in the state majority at those meetings and the USOE was wrong…they were/are the minority. Thanks again!

  6. Thank you so much for all those who have labored so hard to make our voices heard. I am so very glad for this step in the RIGHT DIRECTION!!!!

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you! A BIG THANKS to Oak and all who have given of their time and energy to inform all of us AND our elected officials!! Hurrah!

  8. Thank you to all who sponsored this and those who voted for it as well. We must all continue to fight for our children’s and grandchildren’s freedom and education. We are gaining momentum and we must prevail! Thank you to all who are fighting this good fight!

  9. Utah’s Moms Against Common Core — Congrats! You have done amazing work with your grassroots effort to educate the people. You are true Americans — willing to go the distance to keep what is of great value to you. You were always right!

  10. Thank you for your willingness to stand up for truth and educate the masses on the problems of Common Core. I hope we can do great things for our kids’ future!

  11. YAY!!! this is great news and it gives such hope. i will keep praying and helping in any way i can.
    thank you to EVERYONE who is fighting this fight. THANK YOU!

  12. There are two red lights that should indicate opposition to any passage of common core. Those that are for the installation of common core and the methods they using to try to implement it.

  13. I gave my son a high five when I heard the news! Thank you for all your efforts in informing people about CC.I now the tireless effort it has taken from listening to each of you. You are examples of how true Americans behave. Now we will help continue to inform all we can about the dangers of CC. I hope we can be successful on changing how the State school board is elected, I believe it can be done and is a very important next step. Also getting away from federal dollars is important it, is the reason we are having to fight this fight. Thank you again!

  14. Thank you to all who worked tirelessly on this opposition. I feel ill-equipped to do what you have done, so I am so grateful to you who are fighting a battle for my children and their generation. I believe most Americans are still asleep to the freedoms that are slowly and stealthily slipping away from us. Thank you for being awake! Congratulations on a wonderful victory! This battle is one, but many more to come! Carry on!

  15. Thank you Oak, the many hours you have spent is so much appreciated!! Please everyone keep the pressure on the Governor, State Board of Education and other elected officials. We must continue to educate our family, friends, neighbors and teachers who still think cc is good for our children, or have never heard of cc.
    The ladies from Wasatch county ( who the governor wishes would just go away) Jakell and all the rest of you who continue to make the rest of us knowledgeable, we THANK YOU!

  16. Thank you to the tireless efforts of Oak, Christel, and so many unnamed heroes and heroines across the state of Utah in helping to inform delegates and promote the GOP Anti CC Resolution . The grassroots effort won this battle but the war is not over. We cannot rest ( except on Sunday.) Efforts are bound to be doubled against our work, so we too must stay the course. We truly draw strength from each other’s experiences and knowledge. Truth on CC will roll on until it fills this state and we have gathered an army of informed, motivated citizens. On our watch, we can do our part – no matter how seemingly insignificant. Every voice counts, every child matters, every truth needs to be compiled, and every solution can have its own measure of impact as we show the Governor, the Legislature, the USOE and the Wall Street Journal why Utah really is the brightest star in the nation.

  17. Please know that the Utah Constitution Party also passed a resolution against Common Core at their State Convention last weekend —

    1. Bart, can you get me a link to their resolution? The CP website doesn’t seem to be kept up with news.

      1. Here is a link to the resolution from the Utah GOP’s website. Even though it was passed by the delegates, please note the Utah Republican Party Resolution Committee’s own “Unfavorable Recommendation” as spelled out in the first section of the resolution:

        “#3. Common Core State Standards and Assessments. Submitted by Cherilyn Eagar (Salt Lake County, )
        Passed to the convention with an Unfavorable Recommendation from the Resolutions
        Committee. The recommendation is not a statement against, or in favor of, Common Core. The
        Unfavorable Recommendation is based entirely on the opinion that the resolution contains some
        inaccurate or misleading data that is inflammatory in nature.
        to be adopted. Requires a majority vote by the delegates”


        Does anyone have a vote count on this from the convention ?

        1. The only thing you need to know is in the first paragraph. 2/3rds of delegates voted to pass this resolution and saw the damage being done by Common Core.

          1. Yes, but these are also delegates with possible future political aspirations that understand that going with the vocal group’s prevailing opinion at these conventions would probably guarantee them a spot in future primaries. I know that it seems like grass roots democracy at work but the sad reality of the general public’s low attendance at convention meetings and primaries skews the selection of candidates going into primaries.
            The process that led to the most recent Utah replacements at the US senate and US House of Representatives provides an example of that.

          2. I started to type up a response but I’m not even going to finish it. I’ll just say you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  18. Opinion of Brad Last, District 71 Utah House Representative, Co-Chair the House Education Appropriations Committee. As published in the St. George Daily Spectrum on May 19, 2013.


    Among other things he says:
    “The standards do not tie Utah to any federal programs, grants or assessment system. The Utah State Board of Education retains complete autonomy to change the Utah Core Standards at any time.”

    “Some groups have expressed concern that Utah might share test results or other data with the federal government because of the Common Core Standards. State Superintendent Martell Menlove has testified to the Public Education Interim Committee that there is not any new or additional information that the Common Core requires that would be shared with the federal government or federal partners beyond what is already required by No Child Left Behind.”

      1. Sorry, I was not being clear in my earlier posting.
        I am not claiming it to be the truth. I am just sharing the opinion from the co-chair of the Utah House Education Appropriations Committee with the hope that it would lead to a more informed and balanced debate.
        Everyone can come to their own conclusions after reading the original information from USOE/CC/legistators and the criticisms of the opponents.

        1. Have you tried encouraging the state office to have a balanced debate? Perhaps linking to our site? You do realize that everything we publish is filled with footnotes and links to source documents, right? You do realize that USOE fliers and documents have zero sourcing right? Case in point is their flier mailed to delegates last week. Check out our balanced rebuttal showing their content and our corrections.

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