UEA President on Problems with SAGE

This short video was published a few weeks ago and is on the home page of the UEA’s website. Listen as UEA President Sharon Gallagher-Fishbaugh talks about SAGE testing and the amount of letters she’s received from teachers with concerns.

UEA President on “hundreds of letters” from teachers administering the SAGE test, “I can only imagine what you are going through in your classrooms right now.”

“Developmentally inappropriate and despairing prompts that were given.”

Judy Park met with teachers and students “and they shared their experiences, as painful as they were, about what they’d gone through during just this writing assessment.”

11 thoughts on “UEA President on Problems with SAGE”

  1. I taught AP World History and Honors History classes for some 35 years in the Davis County School District. I left education some 11 years ago, because I could not find the time to teach the material I needed to teach because of all of the testing they were doing in the schools. My students were always being taken our of class for tests. Common Core Testing, specifically, and all of the testing, in particular, is going to drive your best teachers out of the classroom.

    1. May 28, 2013 I attended a town meeting at the Sandy City library. The meeting was set up by Speaker Becky Lockhart, Rep. Derek Brown and Rep. Steve Eliason. All three of them were promoting Common Core. Derek Brown was recently put on Senator Mike Lee’s Salt Lake City staff. Call Mike Lee’s office and complain (202 224-5444).

  2. I do have my disagreements with Gallegher-Fishbaugh. The main one being her disparaging remarks about parents being unqualified to choose the education for their own children. That attitude paints a lot of what she’s written and said. I happen to agree with Steve Jobs, Mitt Romney, and others who’ve said that the teachers’ unions are a hindrance to improving education. And I’ve had personal experiences dealing with teachers who, because of their union membership, seemed to feel and think that they weren’t accountable to parents. And I don’t respect that at first they were against CC. Then when they were paid off by Gates, they were for CC. Much to the betrayal of teachers. Now they seem to have issues with CC again. I don’t know if they’re doing it because they want more donations from Gates and other foundations, or what.

  3. I know she means well, but the best step to make things better for the teachers and students in Utah is to get rid of Common Core. Her message saddens me because she is missing the mark, here. The assessments will not, cannot, and are intentionally designed to work *against* teachers and students. It’s maddening.

    1. I mean to say the assessments “will not *work*, cannot *work, and are intentionally designed to work…”

  4. I totally agree with Lynette…. she is missing the mark, that’s a diplomatic way of saying it. She doesn’t get that this whole testing madness is overburdening the teachers the system and the kids. And now she wants to add insult to injury by asking the teachers to fill out surveys. We are not only losing and discouraging teachers but we are causing kids to tune out. I have a neighbor who’s 10 year old is so stressed and depressed with new math that they have a therapist trying to help her with the anxiety. This is child abuse!!!!

  5. This is educational malpractice…. their experiments with real live children is criminal. Parents are being kept in the dark and marginalized as these self appointed educational elitists are performing neurological surgery with an ax pic and a flashlight in the dark. The damage they are causing should haunt them at night. Lets shine the light on the nightmare of their misguided dream called Common Core standards. We need more TV commercials in UT. Every week there should be a new story of the harm and struggle a child, parent or teacher is having. Until the people rise up and say enough, we want this CC stopped.

  6. Why weren’t parents informed of Ms. Parks’ visit to Moab? Parents have been left out of the Common Core conversation on all fronts……this omission greatly angers me.

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