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The P is for Prenatal

This article was sent in by a couple of folks who were shocked to see Arne Duncan openly advocating for education from birth. This is something we have previously heard talked about but here it is out in the open.


It begs the question: “What is the role of fed government in early childhood education?”

Indeed, Parent Led Reform, an organization that projects parental power into education reform- and which I am lucky enough to represent asked Arne Duncan, Secretary of Department of Education just that.

He replied: “Our goal is to partner/w states to increase learning opportunities for children from birth to age 5.”

In other words, Obama’s P-K Early Childhood Program is Common Core Standards for babies, and is scheduled to roll out into the states in a similar fashion. The “P” is not short for preschool; it stands for “Prenatal.”

Just like with Common Core, Early Childhood is being introduced in the summer- after the legislative sessions have ended. It is being sold as a hurray-package for parents, that finally somebody will save the day of poor single parents and their uneducated children.