SAGE tests: Will my child be labeled non-proficient?

This comment was just left on this site on another post but I want to give it broader exposure and use it to introduce this post.

“I just googled CAT testing.  Computer Adaptive Testing.  I am wondering if the reason they are giving pre-SAGE tests is to gather a pool — “The pool must be calibrated with a psychometric model, which is used as a basis for the remaining four components. ” “In CAT, items are selected based on the examinee’s performance up to a given point in the test. However, the CAT is obviously not able to make any specific estimate of examinee ability when no items have been administered. So some other initial estimate of examinee ability is necessary. If some previous information regarding the examinee is known, it can be used,[1] but often the CAT just assumes that the examinee is of average ability – hence the first item often being of medium difficulty.”

So, when they say no data is being collected, do the kids put their name on the test? Is it just general pool material for the school/state or is it really a pool connected to the child’s name?”

Also, Debbie B. posted this on Facebook this week:

“My son is in Kindergarten and his very first experience with public school was the teacher rushing him to take his assessment test and in a roundabout way shaming him for being shy and not wanting to leave his mom (mind you, this was a couple of weeks before the school year started). He’s 6 and completely HATES school. His homework consists of spelling and memorizing words and math problems. He is also given spelling tests. In Kindergarten, for crying out loud. This is not age appropriate and is ruining his spirit about school. So what I’m wondering is, is it required that he take the assessment tests, or can I opt out of having him tested (is it a good idea to opt him out?). Also, will they not let a child advance to the next grade if they don’t complete the work in the steps that the core teaches (even if they know the answers, just in an easier fashion)? This is our first year and experience with public education and I’m NOT impressed. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.”

SAGE exams are the Common Core assessments the state got us into. We’ve been getting a slew of questions on SAGE exams as parents around the state opt-out using our formNot all districts are opt-out friendly, but most are. Charters are mostly not friendly toward opting out because current Utah law says if less than 95% of students take the test in a school, the school gets an automatic F grade, and charters do not want F grades when they rely on enrollments. However, SB 209 that just passed and is waiting to be signed into law, makes it so schools only drop 1 letter grade, and SB 122 that just passed says parents have a right to opt their child out. So what do schools mean by telling parents their child will be labeled non-proficient? Alpine school district board member Wendy Hart explains this and more in two new blog posts. Click these to get the scoop.

SAGE State Tests FAQ

SAGE tests: Will My Kid be Labeled ‘Non-Proficient?’


7 thoughts on “SAGE tests: Will my child be labeled non-proficient?”

    1. I’m not sure what you mean by individually, but yes you can. I would opt out using our form and avoid all SAGE or computer adaptive tests.

  1. Would opt-out also be necessary for a dual enrolled student that is not taking any core classes? We have home schooled full time for several years, but I have a high school aged child that wants to dual enroll in Alpine District for electives only next year. I want to make sure I am prepared with all I need when we go to register.

    1. No. My daughter is dual enrolled with no Language arts or math. She does not have to take the SAGE tests so no need to opt out. If she is not in those core classes, she will not have to take those tests.


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