2014 UACC Legislator Scorecard


The 2014 legislative session was a mixed bag for us, as was expected. The list of bills below were the most critical items we were following as it pertains to Common Core reforms. Legislators clearly need additional education about the entire Common Core reform agenda. There are key elements that must be understood regarding data tracking, privacy, assessments, parental rights, and curriculum, besides the overall quality of the standards. Follow this link to see how your legislator scored in these key bills we were tracking during the 2014 session.

HB 81Expands the number of parents able to review the SAGE exams
HB 96Sets up state affiliated preschool programs
HB 223Non-partisan elections means the education establishment picks a candidate to support. It’s a 1-party system.
HB 228Partisan school board elections allow for close examination of candidates by representatives of the public. It is electioneering in a republic.
HB 342We initially supported this bill as it would have put Utah on its own high quality standards and removed us from the Common Core reforms. Then it was amended in such a way as to totally neuter it. There was some confusion among legislators whether to support it or not so we are not including it in our analysis.
HB 417Sets up lexile scores for English reading assignments and makes it easier to put informational texts in place instead of literature.
HB 250Instructs school boards that they do not work for the district but represent the public interest.
SB 34Sets up further data tracking of Utah children and aligns education with workforce projections.
SB 39Allows homeschoolers to be free from governmental influence and to chart their own course
SB 42Sets up state affiliated preschool programs
SB 43Sets up state affiliated preschool programs
SB 103Allows school districts control over how they allocate seat time to students
SB 122Establishes a set of rights for parents
SB 209Relaxes the school grading system so if a school has less than 95% of students participate on the SAGE assessments, they are only dropped 1 letter grade instead of an automatic F.


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  1. THANK YOU for posting this! This helps me to know what I need to talk to my reps about and help them to better understand. How they respond will help me to know who can stay and who must go. Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for posting this – learned a lot about my representative! He’s a 50-50 kind of guy :(

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