One thought on “Reality Check on Common Core”

  1. I have been an educator for 10 years. I was also picked by my principal and trained by the county to be a Common Core Trainer for other staff members at my school. I am against common core because it forces literature out of the classroom, sets the students up for failure from the beginning, and brings our country closer to a socialist nation. Once the government has a hold on the schools, they will be enslaved to teach Obama’s agenda–a very scary thought indeed.
    Unfortunately, most of the teachers and administrators are thinking that this is just another set of standards that will eventually get replaced by the next batch and so they just go along with whatever their state has told them they have to do to receive a paycheck–forgetting the real reason we are in this job in the first place; our students. It is those very students who are going to be hurt in the long run.

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