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Dr. Gary Thompson, who appeared on Glenn Beck last week, wrote another excellent brief outlining the massive data collection that will be taking place in conjunction with Common Core.


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A Legal & Mental Health Follow Up To “Common Core” Issues

With Common Core, we have not just the potential, but the very real threat of negligent loss of the most private data as well as no clear restrictions on private business use or dissemination, even for profit, of what was once your child’s most private, intimate information.

An analogy that struck home to us was this: Our children will have invisible yellow Stars of David on them that we can’t see and can’t restrict, but some private company or foolishly negligent government bureaucrat can see it, can make decisions based upon it, and we will never know until the consequences land squarely on the heads of our vulnerable children.  That could be placement, scholarships, employment, any number of “consequences” of our children simply being who they are, but will follow them the rest of their existence.

Even prisoners and persons charged with crimes have more rights against the taking of DNA and the restrictions on dissemination of that information than our children will have under Common Core. Anyone who cares about their personal privacy should be alarmed. And if you’re not alarmed, you should be ashamed. If you are neither alarmed nor ashamed, you probably do not have children in public schools.

Please take a minute to read this entire article and then follow the advice given by Dr. Thompson and his lawyer Ed Flint.

Personal Thoughts & Conclusion & Recommendations To Our Community:

A black doctor of forensic psychology, and a Jewish-Mormon Democrat lawyer set out to prove that Glenn Beck’s conspiracy theory surrounding issues of testing and privacy surrounding Common Core were just his typical nut bag, right wing histrionics.
We failed.

We wanted to let the hundreds of clients who have frequented our clinic, as well as the hundreds of more that will enter our doors know with a 100 % sense of surety that Common Core is harmless to their children.
We failed.
We hope we can make up this failure by providing you some expert, common sense recommendations for you to take back to your State School Boards and lawmakers:
1. Take time to read source documents. Avoid “Common Core Talking Points” as such were put out by the Utah State Office of Education, or any other local school districts or boards. Likewise, avoid any rabid attacks that lack substance; this is not a “Communist plot.” Do your job as a parent and become fully informed.  Read the materials.
2. Follow the money. In our brief three-day research project, we lost count of the many “education service” industries that had contracts out with our state government totaling tens of millions of dollars. Education in our state is a multi billion-dollar industry with financial connection webs far too complex for either of us to unravel.  If anyone involved in educating the public about Common Core has either a past,present, or future financial interest tied to it, take his or her comments with a grain of salt. Better yet, find another source.
3. The actual Common Core Standards themselves may be the next best thing to sliced bread and delivered from God himself from the heavens.  We are not curriculum experts. However, even if God’s hand delivered Common Core to my children, I would expect him to keep their information out of the hands of the Sorenson Genomic, Inc.’s of the world without my express written notification.
4. If the powers that be in your state continue with the company line that your data is 100% safe and confidential and will never end up in the hands of a private, for-profit multi-billion dollar international corporation, like Sorenson Genomics, then insist that your State government put it in writing for the world to see. In fact, make them specifically state that Sorenson Genomics and other private concerns will never have any access to your children’s data, DNA or otherwise, without your express written permission. Make them do such in a simple manner, in plain speak, not lawyer speak.  Currently, the law is extremely confusing and possibly illegal if the lawsuit cited herein against the U.S. Department of Education has any merit.  Even if spokesmen from Sorenson Geonomics of the world release a scathing denial of their potential involvement in gathering DNA data from our children, then perhaps they should be leading the charge to strengthen privacy laws so that “conspiracy theorist” such as Glen Beck no longer have fuel to their “crazy” arguments.

5. Question authority…. respectfully. The only thing this clinic has accused the state and federal education establishment of is “utter confusion.” The vast majority of your statewide leaders and state and local members of your school board are honest, hardworking and dedicated Americans who truly want this (not so common) Facebook Generation of children to be properly and effectively educated. The tone of communication on both sides of the aisles has reached a level of nastiness that is affecting the mental health of our children. If we really want to properly educate our kids, let’s tone down the rhetoric a few emotional notches. They are listening and watching.

6. Other than corporate contracts that have already been signed and implemented with various corporate, educational and political entities, what is stopping our state from taking a step back and examining issues that are truly causing concern and fear to parents and professionals in our community?

7. Contact organizations such “Utahan’s Against Common Core” and sign their statewide petition for lawmakers in our State to take a step back and fully examine all of the possible current and future ramifications surrounding the implications of Common Core.

Read the full article here: https://www.utahnsagainstcommoncore.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Neat-Document-Common-Core-Note-II.pdf


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