National Takeover

I just thought I’d point out that what we’ve been saying for so long is happening right in front of our faces. There is a concerted effort in this country by those who are in positions to wield enormous power, to centralize the education system and bring it under a common roof with their own sentinels at the “Gates” (a little pun for the observant…).

A short time ago we posted this article showing how Arne Duncan is moving to phase out the power of states to set their own standards.

Now the Obama administration is looking to control what’s happening in university colleges of education which has the effect of moving evaluations of teachers and institutions from the state level to the federal level.

“Under the new rules, teachers’ colleges would be ranked based upon how well their teacher graduates do in raising their students’ scores on the Common Core assessments…Instead of teachers’ colleges being evaluated on solid evidence of having taught students a solid knowledge-based foundation, they would be evaluated on a workforce development accountability plan set up by the federal government based upon Common Core Standards.”

Finally, Bill Gates is funding the development of specific curriculum with Pearson to be aligned to Common Core. Recall that Gates video where he says we won’t know if Common Core is successful until standards, curriculum, and assessments are all aligned? It’s all a giant experiment which is now entering the next stage of control.

Those who continue to ridicule and believe that there is no movement toward a national takeover are going to find it harder and harder to make that case. The news just keeps pouring out at a tremendous pace.



4 thoughts on “National Takeover”

  1. This is a cogent narrative with which, I imagine, both the radical right and left could agree. Gates et al.’s motive is what seems to be the divisive issue. Is the goal communism or plutocracy? I think the media has done an effective job keeping people divided–posing weak-willed, ungodly, communist sympathizers against self-righteous, narrow-minded, corporate tools.

  2. One of our arguments against Common Core is that it is not tested. However, I just realized we are wrong. This type of centralized education has been used many times in totalitarian states throughout history.

  3. 1. It is the natural tendency for ANY government to seek after more power.

    2. ANYTHING that crosses state lines, it is the Federal government’s job (using the commerce clause as the justification) to assume control and regulate it. That IS the way the federal government works… This response of mine has destroyed every “state run” claim used on me and I simply restate “it is what the government is supposed to do and WILL at some point.” Common Core [interstate standards] simply gives the feds the excuse that the states are volunteering to relinquish their Constitutional right under the 10th amendment to control their own education.

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