Mountainville Academy – SAGE Testing Shuts Down Computer Lab to Classes

computerI received this email yesterday from a parent a Mountainville Academy. Due to SAGE testing, the Computer Applications class can’t use the lab for the rest of the school year. Nice. We want our kids up on technology, so lets test them so much on computers that the computer classes can’t have a lab to use.


Sage testing is a computer test that all students throughout the school have to take.  Because of this, the computer lab will be used for the testing.  Students in my Computer Applications class will not be able to use the computer lab for the remainder of the school year because of testing. 

Students will now be required to complete the assignments at home that would normally be completed in class. I will go over the assignment during class.  I will have the website updated on a daily basis so that students will know what to complete and what documents are needed to complete the assignment.  Assignments will be due the next time class meets.  I would prefer that students email me their completed assignments before we meet again, however, I understand that this isn’t always possible.  Students may print off their assignments and bring them to class and turn them in the next time we meet for full credit. (Regardless of which method students turn in assignments, they are due the next time we meet for class.)  I will also require that they complete the header on each assignment because this will be the proof that they did the assignment and not just attach the solution page that is included within the web page. (The solution page is needed so that students can compare their document with what the document should look like.)

Typing logs.  Since students will not be able to complete Microtype in class, it is VERY important that students keyboard at home.  They MUST complete a typing log for each week.  Starting this week, I’m doubling  the points for typing logs since they will be taking the place of Microtype. The same rules and guidelines will apply with typing logs.  If they are late, then it is 50% off the grade.  They may turn in typing logs in up to two weeks past the due date.  Students may use the time they typed for homework for one night only.  Students must keyboard for 75 minutes each week to get full credit and they must keyboard at LEAST 2 nights during the week.

I know that this is a lot for students but it is the best we can do with the technology that we have here at school.  If you have any questions, please let me know.


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