Mitt Romney comes out against Common Core

This morning Mitt Romney was at the Education Nation Summit in New York and while being interviewed by Brian Williams came out against Common Core.

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WILLIAMS: Governor, what do you make of ‘Common Core’?

ROMNEY: You know, I think it’s fine for people to lay out what they think core subjects might be and to suggest a pedagogy and being able to provide that learning to our kids. I don’t subscribe to the idea of the federal government trying to push a common core on various states.

It’s one thing to put it out as a model and let people adopt it as they will, but to financially reward states based upon accepting the federal government’s idea of a curriculum, I think, is a mistake. And the reason I say that is that there may be a time when the government has an agenda that it wants to promote.

And I’m not wild about the federal government having some kind of agenda that it then compensates states to teach their kids. I’d rather let education and what is taught state by state be determined state by state, not by the federal government.

The American Principles Project released this explaining exactly how the 2009 stimulus bill was a takeover of education when used as a weapon by the Obama administration.

Romney Takes Stand against National Curriculum Standards

Supports Local Control of Curricula at Education Nation Summit

Washington, DC – Today, American Principles in Action (APIA) praised Governor Romney’s stated opposition to a national curriculum, commonly known as the Common Core, choosing instead to let states and communities decide public school curricula.

“We applaud Governor Romney’s bold support for states and local communities to decide what’s best for their children, restoring power over education from the hands of the federal government to where it belongs,” said APIA’s Emmett McGroarty. “He is right to warn that the national authorities may have an agenda and should be prevented from pushing it on the states. Unfortunately, just as with Medicare reform, the federal government has resorted to coercing now more than 40 states into adopting the Common Core.

“Congress intended the 2009 Stimulus Bill as a life-line for the states, but President Obama turned it into a weapon through his Race to the Top program. In order to compete for Race to the Top money, states had to quickly sign onto the Common Core and related assessments without having a chance to meaningfully review the Standards and before the assessments were even developed.

“States competed in Race to the Top by demonstrating their commitment to President Obama’s education policy, in effect surrendering to an education monopoly. Their citizens were cut out of the process.

“President Obama has continued to coerce the states by requiring them to sign onto his education policies in order to get relief from No Child Left Behind.

“We urge both candidates to commit themselves to ending the federal government’s political coercion of the states and their citizens, and to ending the Race to the Top program.”

American Principles in Action is a 501 c (4) political advocacy group affiliated with American Principles Project, a 501 c (3) policy organization committed to rededicating the United States to its founding principles.

5 thoughts on “Mitt Romney comes out against Common Core”

  1. I wonder if our governor and other Republican leaders who love Common Core will realize they are on the opposite side of their hero Mitt when they see this news. Good for Gov. Romney for actually doing his homework to realize that Common Core is nationalized education and dangerous for state’s rights.

  2. I wonder if people realize how dangerous this is.
    Adolf Hitler had such an organizatiion, every communitst
    Country has them…and millions die under those regimes
    Who all eventually fall…this has the potential to be used
    Very badly by someone in power…and whenever it has the
    Potential power (like the Patriot Act)…it will be eventually
    Used the wrong way, the bad way and we the people, and
    Our children and grandchildren pay with our lives and loss
    Of freedom. If it has the slightest possibility to be used
    Against the American people…the answer should always be

  3. I hope Romney keeps his word, but I fear that he is just pandering to the masses, like he does from time to time. Ronald Reagan promised to abolish the Department of Education when he was running for President in 1980, but after he was elected he not only didn’t live up to his campaign promise, he augmented its budget every year as President, thus violating his word. Politicians love to say one thing when they run for office, but do another when they are elected. Here is a fantastic video by Charlotte Iserbyt on her experience with the Reagan administration when she was a senior policy adviser to the Department of Education in the early 1980s.

    This video shows that politicians are good liars when they run for office, and do just the opposite when elected. Ken

    1. Ken, I think that education is a low priority for presidents, and I don’t think Reagan was lying. I think they get in, and are a bit overwhelmed with it all, and as education is down on their list, they’re manipulated by the educationists.
      That’s why I think it is so important that we make our voices loud and clear, we have to overcome the loud voices on the other side. I think Reagan would have, and Romney will do the right thing if they see the large and loud commitment from us. I think most people see the importance of local control, and we need to get our friends and neighbors to act with us. I will talk to mine and try to convince them to call, email, whatever to make this a priority issue. I’m always amazed at the time and money parents spend to raise money for their children’s schools, when if we spent the same time and money I think we could effect the change we want through the lawmakers, be they local or federal. We have to get more people involved.

  4. I have an elementary school teacher friend who asked me about Common Core adding that she had heard about it, but didn’t know what it was. After I explained what it was and had sent her several emails on the subject, she casually replied that it was just another curriculum…that she’d seen many come and go in her career and that this would just be another that would eventually go like the others. I’ve tried to help her understand it is not just “another” curriculum that will come and go…I have no idea if she understands that. How many other Utah teachers view it this way? And like Susie, I wonder if the governor & USOE know this, because if they do, they should be rethinking their stance on CC & getting us out of it. Thanks Oak (& friends) for keeping on top of this and helping us help others to be aware of and understand what this bad excuse for “education” really is.

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