German Style Education in America

Remember when President Obama said this in his 2013 state of the union address?

“Right now, countries like Germany focus on graduating their high school students with the equivalent of a technical degree from one of our community colleges, so those German kids, they’re ready for a job when they graduate high school…We need to give every American student opportunities like this.”

Two previous articles on this site have expressed concern over the president’s agenda.

The German Education System by Shana Osterloh (This is the true story of Shana’s husband’s education growing up in Germany and paints an important picture about having your career chosen early for you).

and an article by Autumn Cook about this topic with links to other relevant information about German education systems.

Today on Facebook, Autumn posted this article from Texas:

Texas Students Choose Career Paths In The Eighth Grade, And That’s Creating Anxiety

“A new Texas law requires public school students to decide a career track in eighth grade. It’s a sea change with challenges for schools — and some anxiety for kids.”

There’s an understatement for you. Unbelievable. Who out there actually picked the career they wanted in 8th grade and stuck with it? You’re a rare duck.


2 thoughts on “German Style Education in America”

  1. There is no doubt many presidents for many years have been trying to bring Communist poly-tech education to the US. It started with President Eisenhower and yes even President Reagan supported it by signing two agreements with Russia to bring their education policies to the US. He signed an agreement in 1985 and again in 1989. His plans for our children were exposed by Charlotte Iserbyt and she was fired after blowing the whistle on him. I highly suggest watching for FREE the 8 set DVD she recently released. You can find it on or you can purchase the entire set on Amazon. We need to understand education history if we want to truly understand what is happening now. You might also want to watch a video from 1992 by Peg Luksik. Who Owns Our Children. She is talking about OBE (which is what CC is really is) OBE never went away they just changes the name several times. But if you didn’t know the video was from 1992 you would swear it was from today.

  2. Progressives and elite industrialists have been bringing the German (Prussian) model of education to the masses in this country since the late 19th century. Common Core is only the most recent manifestation. Compulsory education is the problem.

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