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Freedom and Education presentation

Here is my presentation I gave Friday night (June 3, 2016). In it I cover a range of topics including the beasts in Revelation (oh yeah, critics have at it).  I also discuss freedom and religious freedom and a little known tidbit about Jefferson’s “wall of separation” letter to the Danbury Baptists. I cover educational options and share a link to this page on the Agency Based Education website which has three excellent presentations on homeschooling. If you have never considered homeschooling, watch this video and then those and you may just be convinced to try it.

One thought on “Freedom and Education presentation”

  1. Favorite moment.. “Why would you put yourself through the brain damage of going through Public School?”

    We do have options! Thank you, Oak, for sharing truth!

    #TheRealOptOut #aFAMILYedu

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