Did George Orwell see the future? 1984 UNESCO Document on Common Core

Yesterday, Dr. Gary Thompson posted this document to Facebook with this comment:

It’s the handbook on how to manipulate teachers worldwide in this crap.

Another “score” for all you right wing nut bags. ;)

The subtle, as well as pronounced manipulations and indoctrination used her are hilariously being copied by USOE towards teachers and the parents in the community.

I find it hilarious (or perhaps ominous) that this document was published in 1984.

Here is just one quote from page 5 of the document:

“This regulatory role of teacher educators and inspectors has already been defined as follows ‘how can the inspector be made an agent of change in the educational system (a dynamic control)? How can the inspector be made an agent involved in controlling the relationship between the educational and the social (community) systems (external control)?’ This is the big question, and it must be admitted that these inspectors are either ill-prepared for their task, or not prepared at all. This is why an examination of the abilities and skills of school inspectors as regulators of the system is probably the most fundamental point that arises, because they work at strategic points in the functioning of the educational system.”

I would offer John Goodlad as a case in point to this. Charlotte Iserbyt in her book “The Deliberated Dumbing Down of America” calls him “America’s premier change agent.” His work at BYU started in 1983 with the “public school partnership” and then brought BYU’s education department into his “National Network for Educational Renewal” as a founding member in 1986. We succeeded in getting BYU’s education department out of the NNER just a couple years ago by throwing light on the subversive side of Goodlad and his social justice instruction in the classroom, but they are still infatuated with him and his worldly philosophies.

Interestingly, there is a major move afoot in this country by the feds to transform schools into community learning centers where they are open longer hours, keep children in schools longer, bring in parents for training in the agenda, and more. This can be searched online as “21st century learning centers” and other such community education center terms. This is nothing more than a play to make schools indoctrination centers (why hello Mr. Orwell).

Here is the UNESCO document. I would lastly point out again that Bill Gates’ Microsoft signed a contract in 2004 with UNESCO to create a global education system. Funded by Gates’ money, just a few years later we have Common Core.

UNESCO 1984 Common Core

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  1. Please do not miss the obvious. Microsoft didn’t just sign a contract with UNESCO in 2004, they partnered with President Obama in 2014 to provide 1:1 devices for every child in an effort to replace textbooks within five years. Their announcement included this headline, “Microsoft, partners answer President Obama’s ConnectED Challenge with offer to bring affordable technology to all US students at public schools nationwide.”

    Utah parents need to be at Utah’s Capitol Building attending Education Task Force meetings in DROVES if this push is to be fought. Our Task Force has been discussing 1:1 implementation at almost every meeting this year, and legislation is being prepared for January.

    In addition, at the last Education Task Force meeting, Senator Stephenson was pushing for a longer school year and school days. The 1:1 push, and these additional reforms are antithetical to the family and to freedom. As parents, we will not be bullied into forcing our children to serve the state. As taxpayers, we should all be concerned about watching our savings accounts dwindle while crony-capitalists enjoy the fruits of our labor (and our children’s).

  2. I have had this document and some other very revealing old documents for a couple of years but when I show them to legislators and fellow citizens they are not as impressed or alarmed as me because they are viewed as just old documents no one pays any attention to. I have education plans from the 80’s that have Common Core in their title but again there has been no interest. Think about it….in 2001 the feds tried to break up Microsoft. Didn’t happen did it. The feds bought Gates so he would play ball and bring the technology to indoctrinate the world.

  3. Well, that’s a REALLY long reading assignment, but I find it VERY fascinating that just as I opened this 51 pager wondering when I could read it, I was going up to FINISH reviewing George Orwell’s 1984! My daughter was trying to re-read it herself amongst other books while we were on a trip back home (Indiana) just a week ago. I needed something to read and grabbed it, and came home determined to review that classic. I think Mr. Orwell FEARED a future like this. Perhaps it wasn’t seeing into the future as much as having a nightmare about the future. However, many dreams and thoughts that come together in one’s mind are based on their life experiences at the time and the visions their mind puts together of these things. He was little off on the DATE, but I have already, in the first 4 chapters, wondered EXACTLY the same thing about common core and how it could easily lead to the lifestyle the book opens with. Mr. Orwell didn’t waste any time letting you know how miserable life was in this venue, with hate sessions, not being able to look at someone in the eye, not being able to do things without cameras on your every move, thought inspectors who could imprison you if your EYES look like you were upset, etc. etc. Yes – when we dehumanize a human – they don’t function as humans anymore. I will continue reading and TRY to get through this document. I would like to know where a COPY might be available rather than download it all, though. KAREN BRACKEN….if you have had this for some time, can you tell me if it is available still, and where? Thanks for your comments, and heads up…I have been thinking the exact same thing as I reread the book: 1984!

  4. I read through the document last night and as Dr. Thompson points out “It’s the handbook on how to manipulate teachers worldwide in this crap”. Since this document references another working paper by I. Vandelede, I located it and have started reading it. Here is a quote from that working paper “If we accept the primacy of the operation over the content or the object in the learning process, the most promising approach to the establishment of a common core of training seems to lie in a classification of learning yields in functions of operations called into play in fixed circumstances. Using criteria of this kinds we can indeed discover a series of replies to the question: “What must an educator teach those he trains, apart from the subject matter on which they will be called upon to bring to bear the abilities they have acquired?”

    I’ll just say for the record that this subject matter is way outside of my realm of understanding the cognitive learning process but here is my summary of what I read. The working paper explains that in order to undertake such kind of learning, an inventory of teachable operations would need to be established. Then an organization of data constituting the meaningful elements of the teachable operations would be designed. At that point, the learning yields would be classified based upon the data. Once the learning yield are established then a training process can be developed and teaching strategies applied by educators to achieve the desired results. The strategies and methods will vary widely from subject to subject, place to place, and time to time. Essential in this process is the training of educators to “train the trainee”.

    This working hypothesis of a “common core of training” cannot be achieved until the “educators” become the first trainees to the process. Hence the development of the document that Dr. Thompson located.

    Here is a link to the working paper for the March 1983 Paris meeting. http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0008/000863/086356eb.pdf

    Like I said this is way above my pay-grade so I could be wrong in my analysis but it sounds exactly like what we now have through CCSS, the high-stakes testing and data collection.

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