Clinical Mental Health Therapist Interviewed

After seeing the disturbing video of what the Utah State Office of Education has recommended for use in ELA 1st grade classrooms, Joan Landes, a masters level Clinical Mental Health Therapist licensed in the state of Utah, contacted us with some concerns. In this video she shares them with us. The people displayed at the bottom of the video are from left to right, Alisa Ellis, Christel Swasey, Joan Landes, and Renee Braddy.

6 thoughts on “Clinical Mental Health Therapist Interviewed”

  1. Thank you Ms. Landes! You are spot on in your analysis. Unfortunately, multiple aspects of “Common Core” will be driving little ones in droves to our respective clinics over the years for multiple reasons.

    The “triggers” you are concerned about should cause concern in parents throughout this state…especially little ones who may be suffering from emotional disturbances…many which are undiscovered. Your comments also show how well trained you with integrating neuro science and therapy. Thank you for stepping forward… was getting lonely out here. ;)

  2. This was worth every minute to watch. Thanks ever so much for posting this.
    Group think! Exactly right the smart kids do all the work and don’t forget they are made to feel guilty for resenting it.
    Teachers pretend to teach and the kids pretend to learn brilliant!

  3. The only way this info. can get out is word of mouth. we cannot fight the gov. or Bill and Melinda’s money but if everyone would e-mail 7 people to get the info. out it will have an effect. People still don’t understand why there are issues with common core. they think that its just because of the party we vote for or we don’t trust the gov. so that’s why we are against common core.
    It doesn’t take much research into common core to see that there is a problem with it. The social thought process that they teach at such a young age is obvious.
    We do the group thought at the chemical co. that I work for. One thing that I didn’t hear is if you thing “outside the group” or independent of the group you will be shunned. You disagree and you will be put down and eventually you will be out.

  4. Do you have this video available? I saw it years ago and thought it was a great video to share. I like to recommend people to watch that at the same time as sharing the two videos about these two guys showing these textbooks that teach using emotional words, including the example of telling the kids to tell their parents their nagging them when they’re asked to clean their room.

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