Arne Duncan threatens California over Common Core testing

Oh, but Common Core is state led and the feds have nothing to do with it…  Yeah right. Lets hope the superintendent of CA sticks to his words:

“This legislation will continue to be guided by what’s right for California’s children…. We won’t reach [our goals for 21st-century learning] by continuing to look in the rear-view mirror with outdated tests, no matter how it sits with officials in Washington.” -Sup. Torlakson


One thought on “Arne Duncan threatens California over Common Core testing”

  1. His department of education is in violation of 3 federal laws with this education plan but not a single person in DC has filed charges against them. Not even a peep. This also goes to show there is not one state AG living up to their oath of office. If there were they would be filing a lawsuit against the US Dept. of Education for violating FERPA and violating 3 federal laws meant to keep the federal government out of education. They specifically forbid the federal government from any involvement with assessments and curriculum. The US Dept. of Ed is funding and overseeing PARCC and Smarter Balance……the two assessment/curriculum consortiums. So why is NO ONE filing a lawsuit against them???

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