New to Common Core?  Watch this excellent presentation on the Common Core agenda. It's a lot more than just standards.

Also watch the powerful Common Core documentary movie which the Home School Legal Defense Association just released. This 40 minute documentary gives you the inside story from the lips of those involved in the creation of Common Core.

Have you heard that the "Utah Core" isn't "Common Core"? Let the facts and Superintendent Menlove correct any misperceptions for you.

Anti-Common Core Facebook Campaign

This week, people all over the country are changing their Facebook picture to Stop Common Core. Please join. Right click on this image and save the image to your computer.

stopcommoncoreThen go to Facebook, and hover your mouse over your profile picture.

Click to edit your picture, and upload this image you saved.

Then every day, post an article exposing Common Core to your wall. Use #stopcommoncore as well.

Invite people to sign the petition at this website if they live in Utah.


4 Responses to Anti-Common Core Facebook Campaign

  • Kent Nielsen says:

    everything I know about Common Core, from the funding to the heavy handed administration from the Feds, stinks to high Heaven. The text books have a communistic view of American history.. The Math is dumbed down to let everyone fail. The teachers are rewarded for following the easiest path, not teaching all the pupils.

  • Angela Brown says:

    I am a little challenged when it comes to technology. How do I find and post articles on FB that would expose common core? I would like to do my part to help out. I would really appreciate some direction
    Thank you,

    Angela Brown

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