Dr. Gary Thompson and the Wisconsin Mock Hearing

Today, we got this awesome email from a school student in Wisconsin.

Hello, my name is ___________.

I am a student at _______ High School, in ______ Wisconsin.

I am enrolled in a Government Class. The class is conducting a mock legislative hearing about Common Core.

I have been assigned to play the role of Dr. Gary Thompson during the hearing and would like to ask you some questions about your view on whether the Wisconsin State Legislature should repeal or amend the common core standards.

What is your stance on Common Core? And why?

What brought this about? Last month, Dr. Gary Thompson was invited to Wisconsin to testify in a *real* legislative hearing against Common Core’s behavioral testing and data collection. Near the end of his testimony, a state legislator asked who paid for him to travel there to testify. Gary pulled out and showed them a check he was given to cover his airfare and car rental. This state senator then jumped all over the group that paid for him, as having ties to the John Birch Society. Further compounding his ignorance, the senator and another legislator shortly thereafter, sent out a press release condemning right-wing extremism and paid testimony in their Common Core hearings.
Not one to be cowed, Dr. Thompson (who campaigned for President Obama) fired back a letter demanding the resignation of this state senator. The letter went viral. Here’s a news report:

And here is Gary’s awesome letter calling for this senator’s resignation:

If you want to watch his whole testimony, here you go. Thank you Dr. Thompson for standing up for what’s right.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Gary Thompson and the Wisconsin Mock Hearing”

  1. I appreciate your continued efforts to protect the children, not only of Utah, but in our nation. You give me hope that there are those out there that aren’t interested in the politics of this movement; only in doing what is right for our kids. Thanks for putting yourself out there. I know it is not a place you sought out but a mantle you have taken upon yourself at the requests of others. We never know what opportunities life is going to bring us that will require us to dig deeper and be uncomfortable outside our comfort zone. Thank you for rising to the challenge rather than shrinking from it. Every time you speak, know that you speak on behalf of my children just as much as yours.

  2. I am so tired of people closing their ears to the truth, because of who they may be affiliated with. The truth is the truth no matter where it comes from! I can bet that I do not agree with Dr. Thomson on many issue, but I will stand with him on this! I would bet he does not agree with the JBS on much but he and they know CC is going to harm our children! If we do not stop separating ourselves into to groups we will be conquered as a country! Does anyone remember the saying “divide and conquer”? It is truth and it will become our demise! We have to stand against all evil together or together we will lose all are freedoms.” United we stand divided we fall”!

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