World Socialists Web Site Shares Anti-Common Core Position

Destroying the notion that the anti-Common Core movement is some right-wing, tea party effort, someone pointed out the World Socialist Web Site has a couple of articles expressing big concerns with Common Core.

This first post is about what Common Core is, how it’s bankrolled by the Gates Foundation and other corporate interests, and major publishers like Pearson and McGraw-Hill stand to reap massive profits. Good for the socialists!

This second post is by a California kindergarten teacher sharing her concern that the standards are not age appropriate. This is exactly what happens when you implement standards that have never been tested. In Matthew Sander’s excellent article in the Deseret News last week, he points this out as well. We are using untested, unproven standards that have no track record of success. The CA teacher notes how ridiculous the content timetable is for kindergarteners and how they are supposed to be using 50/50 informational texts to narrative.

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