What’s your tipping point?

Two stories I just received. What is it going to take for you to do more than sign a petition?

“My daughter, _______ who lives in ______, is on the Community Counsel for _____ High.  A few days ago in one of their meetings, the floor was opened for those on the council to express any concerns they have.  She brought up Common Core and some of the others indicated their concerns also, but a teacher that she knows personally, who was in attendance, said, “We are not allowed to mention Common Core.  It is now called Desk Standards–but it is really Common Core.”
Just thought that I’d pass that on.” -SS

“So I have to say that I’m pretty upset. I picked up my son from school today and asked how his day was. He told me he got earbuds today; when I asked him what for he said he was working on a tablet and needed them. He went on to tell me he was working on a program (don’t know what it’s called but he logged into Pearson.net) and it was a match game. So when he made a match, the tone was a binaural beat. If he didn’t get the match correctly it “screamed at him” another binaural beat that he described… ‘it went through my body and made me shake, I was unable to type because it was like an electricity shock.’ I told the school that I did not want him using any portable device provided by the school. I was not informed about this, of course. Has anyone had their children mention something like this? I asked him if there are any of his classmates who do not participate but they all do. The teacher instructed the class that they cannot sit out on this exercise. – LP

When an untested math standards and curriculum are forced on children nationwide and their emotional, psychological, and intellectual abilities are not considered, you have a one-size-fits-all recipe for disaster and it boils down to institutional child abuse. What are you doing to help good candidates get elected this November?

Watch this second grader’s “love” of math after being in Common Core.


Jon Fidler wrote a great article here which contains this first bit from Leslie Castle. Please read the whole article.


After a parent expressed concern about an indoctrinating assignment to state school board member Leslie Castle, Leslie responded:

“It is my opinion that public school is a place for children to be exposed to, not indoctrinated by, many ideas and opinions that are found in the American landscape. I can’t imagine students leaving the public school system having only been exposed to the opinions and experiences that are found around their own dinner table. That would be true indoctrination and a travesty of true education.

To hide from your child the fact that many American’s do not share your view of gun rights would be indoctrination and social engineering, in my opinion. To explain to your child that all Americans have the right to have different opinions from their parents’ and from their own is a first step in the valuable lessons of social justice and self-actualization.”

Leslie, you would make the socialist/humanist education “expert” John Goodlad proud. Goodlad wrote, “A century has passed since the prescient educational historian Ellwood Cubberley wrote the epigraph with which this writing began: “Each year the child is coming to belong more to the State and less and less to the parent.”

“My only disagreement with his observation pertains to the implication of our owning children. We parents do not own our children; we just rent them for a while. Given the extent to which what he was troubled about has expanded, however, his reference to state ownership may well be appropriate.”

(2010, Washington Post, Goodlad on school reform: Are we ignoring lessons of last 50 years?)

Thank you Leslie for yet another reason we desperately need partisan elections…


5 thoughts on “What’s your tipping point?”

  1. I am so outraged by what is happening in our schools! I just gave our local school board a piece of my mind at their meeting the other day, but where is everyone else? I essentially got a “There, there, don’t be worried…we have it handled” pat on the back from Bergeson, our superintendent. I am so disgusted with Leslie Castle as she is my representative on the school board. She is probably a grandmother, as am I. How can she be so callous about the indoctrination of our grandchildren? We will have no one to vote for on State School Board as they will all have been vetted. Wake up Utah!

  2. What people do not realize is that anyone who has not studied the circumstances, history of the introduction and stealth dissemination of Common Core, may have an opinion but it’s largely an outgrowth of ignorance, intellectual AND moral laziness/apathy, and misguided unless they come from a view point of these disturbing facts about Common Core. Let me say before this thought leaves me as I try to develop this previous thought that; Common Core is nothing more than the fruits of Socialism, Marxism and Communism as well as the Tri-lateral Commission and other like groups of ultra-wealthy and powerful-power hungry people who are all for “One-World” Government headed up by these powerful few (few-relatively speaking because there are in number-“quite a few”-it’s breath taking).
    If you look at the philosophies, mind sets, and practices of these ideologies (forms of government or what-have-you), they are in direct opposition to that of our Founding Fathers who were in harmony with their stated belief that this country and it’s Constitution were God-given. In other words they were all inspired in their own way by God who used each of them given their various talents and abilities to draw up this sacred document. That being said, looking through history through today, any God-inspired and willed thing, person, and principle that begins to take stage and grow in society, attracts its enemies, as with our free Republic today as it attracts its obvious enemies; socialism, Marxism, and Communism in ts various fruits i.e., Common Core” to dumb down our rising generation and mold them into the robots they want to control some day. If an informed American with an understanding of history looks at what Germany (Hitler Regime) did to them in destroying all their books and creating a dependent-on-government type state, this was necessary for Hitler to execute the grand deception he did in evolving Germany into the Communistic world power it was. Why can’t people see the indicators to our tipping point in this country? Can’t they recognize our President for what he is from all his speeches, behavior, and lies and deception? Can’t people see through Governor Herbert’s deception and covert activity in relation to Common Core. He threw our state and it’s children under the bus by 1) not really understanding the founders of Common Core and their intent to dumb-down and gain more control with this one-size-fits-all curriculum; I cannot refer to it as education because it is in reality: Anti-Educational” and I give you permission to quote me on that. He also was bought by the vast revenue that he will bring into Utah by accepting the bribe of the “Common Core Feds” and officials to be the President of the Governors Organization for Common Core in order to gain power and enslave Utah, their last hold-out state. Look at what Oklahoma did throwing out Common Core. I believe Texas and Indiana also did the same and great for them for not selling their souls like Governor Herbert did. I can go on and on however, I admonish everyone to gain a conscience and see Common-Core, Desk Standards, UT Desk Standards or whatever they are calling Common Core these days, for what it really is. Another effort to GAIN CONTROL of us all. Thank you.

  3. The teachers must stand against this, even if it means losing their job. They have a moral obligation, and if they do not take a stand now it will eventually be too late. By not speaking up, they are choosing a side.

  4. Teachers cannot openly make a stand without putting their jobs on the line. Like you we have children to house, feed and clothe. Our best option is to opt out of testing. If there is no test common core will fail. The testing drives the machine. Parents, your teachers need you to take the lead here. As a teacher, I have signed petitions and spoken to anyone who will listen, but I am not allowed to speak to the parents of the students attending my classroom. I had a parent ask me about data mining last year. I had to remain silent. I find this an attack on my personal integrity and right of free speech. I do my best to protect the students in my classroom, but I can only do a little. They are your children. If you want a change speak up. Your legislative leaders are more likely to listen to you than to me. Listen to the rhetoric. Teachers and teaching programs are being trashed on a daily basis. We are thought of as lazy, stupid and self serving. We are none of those things. But these excuses are used to silence and ignore our voices.

    I spent 80 hours at my job last week. That is a little higher than my normal week of around 60. I have personally spent around $400 to set up my classroom this year alone. There will be other expenditures as the year goes along. I am not unusual. Most teachers are making these sacrifices. Walk into any school on any day outside of the normal teacher working day and you will see the building full of staff working for your children. These are volunteer hours. Teachers are not being paid to stay, but they cannot do a good job if they don’t spend the needed time preparing for the next day’s lessons. In addition, teachers are inputting grades, contacting parents or collaborating with team members. Most of these duties are completed outside of contract hours. Teachers care, but the have been silenced.

    I teach at a title one school. Our classroom curriculum has been narrowed to math and language arts. Our students have lost their morning recess. Yes, that extra fifteen minutes is supposed to increase our test scores. Considering that test scores are used as a part of teacher’s accountability. You won’t find many title one teachers complaining about the extra hour of teaching time this change gave them. I’m just wondering what might happen if the scores don’t improve. Will we take afternoon recess as well.p? I don’t have much hope for improved scores. Testing is based on a bell curve or a percentile ranking. This means that for scores to improve, the bell curve would need to be skewed making the test then statistically invalid. The bell curve requires that students scores lie within a specific statistical line. 50% of students must fall below and above the center line (median). 30% of the students must fall on either side of the median within a 15 point spread. This is the mode. The average score (mean) must also fit in this parameter. Cut scores are derived based on this statistical requirement. It is a rigged system in which higher testing scores are meaningless and impossible to achieve. We have forced ourselves into a testing juggernaut. Tests are being improperly used for unintended purposes with consequences that are unfair to the community at large. Opt out!

  5. First, Don’t pass the buck, Monkey. Opt out is not enough!
    Second, Movement Effects Mood. Children need their morning release time-it’s a necessity to individually process their world. To remove morning recess time is taking away an outlet for the children and teachers to form healthy habits. It falls on teachers (to which parents are entrusting their children, while they work their 80 hour week) to speak out. It’s unfortunate that this young and tender age in public school is being used to tightly wind up society for a carefully planned melt down to then offer socialistic solutions.
    Third, the job of teaching can NOT be done successfully until teachers unitedly strike. There isn’t a workforce to take their place. It’s up to teachers to speak up unitedly, demand the reins of their own classroom return to their own hands or walk out. To say nothing is supporting the use of young children as an indicator or poll for the temperature of society. How much can they press before parents and teachers are no longer willing to continue in this immoral dilemma?

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