Wall Street Journal Interviews Heritage Foundation on CC

Here’s a pointed interview the Wall Street Journal conducted with the Heritage Foundation on Common Core. Please share this on Facebook and with friends and ask them to come sign the petition.

2 thoughts on “Wall Street Journal Interviews Heritage Foundation on CC”

  1. Our attempts to bring up our education standards compared to other countries is not a worthy goal. Common Core and other federal programs want to increase standards for math and science only, preferring to turn our children into narrow thinking robots. The basis for having the best relations with other countries is not based in our proficiency in math or science but in the cultural aspects.

    We need more education in history, languages, art (not arts), and the cultural foundations of all people. Math and science need to be cut back. What does it matter if our children grow up knowing only the skills to create more efficient weapons but with none of the skills needed at the conference tables. Europeans commonly speak several languages and understand each other’s history. In America, we only want to speak our own language, and that is falling into a text-message patois and 144 character messages that culturally isolates us from the rest of the world. Yes, let’s learn more Spanish, but also, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Korean, and the languages of many other people and their history and culture. Only then can we truly have an impact on other nations.

  2. I don’t want ANYONE keeping biometric data on my kids nor can I imagine how expensive this whole program will be. And the funds will not actually help my kids learn! It will only help the businesses creating tests and curriculum. I trust that kids can learn and will succeed with teachers making the calls rather than politicians!

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