USOE wants National Standards, Limits to Parental Powers

Diana Suddreth, a curriculum director at Utah’s State Office of Education, sent out this email this morning in anticipation of HB 342 being presented. It went to “Curriculum Friends” all over the state. In it we clearly see the goals of the USOE. The person who sent it to me included this introductory line and copied several others in her department: “I think we all want this bill to go a different way than Diana and Syd do.”

———————- (bold and italics mine)

From: Suddreth, Diana <>

Date: Mon, Mar 3, 2014 at 9:06 AM Subject: HB342

Curriculum Friends,

Just a heads up that today in the House Education Standing Committee HB342 (Powers and Duties of the State Board of Education by Rep. Layton) will be heard.

This bill essentially gives more power to parents over curriculum standards, would prohibit us from adopting any national standards, and would require a revision of our current math and ELA standards.

Go to  to read the bill and find additional information should you want to take any action.  Rep. Layton has promised a substitute that will be softer but as of yet, the original bill is still on the agenda.

Sydnee Dickson, Ed. D.

Director, Teaching and Learning

Utah State Office of Education


Please note Utah has a very broad public records law.  Most written communication to or from our state employees regarding state business are public records availiable to the public and media upon request. Your email communication may be subject to public disclosure.


Well Ms. Dickson, I thought the USOE valued local control and parental input? I thought Common Core wasn’t a set of National standards? Freudian slip? True colors coming out? How dare you try to take power away from parents over what their children are exposed to and the quality of education they receive. The USOE sold us down the river in adopting Common Core for a shot at getting a federal bribe. The USOE is perhaps the most subversive agency in the state.

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  1. The “geniuses” at USOE think that they are the only ones smart enough to educate OUR children!!

  2. I want to know what she means by ” Rep. Layton has promised a substitute that will be softer ” do we need to be concerned by this?

  3. Utahns should be the LAST people in the world to sit quietly as the government takes over our lives–our education, our health care, our land, etc., but most Utahns are. We didn’t start out as a people who would do that! We came here as pioneers seeking FREEDOM from a government who not only wouldn’t protect us, but who persecuted us.

    Well folks, you’d better wake up. Freedom isn’t free. You’d better get involved and find out what Common Core is and what it will teach your children. It doesn’t matter if you ruffle a few feathers of your friends (I understand that every neighborhood and every Ward is full of schoolteachers, who by their very nature are arrogant), but don’t be intimidated, speak out against Common Core. I love teachers individually, but collectively they have sold Utah down the river. The schoolteachers in my family and circle of friends have no problem risking our friendship by looking down their noses at me when they learn I homeschooled my daughter for eight years (and she actually turned out to be well-adjusted, normal and smart!).

  4. As abhorent as Common Core is on the surface, I’m afraid that most people aren’t aware of its true nature. This is the American portion of the UN-supported World Core Curriculum, the purpose of which is to establish a global education system. It’s part of Agenda 21.

  5. Karen,
    I want you to know that I am one MATH teacher that has been fighting this from the beginning. I have told all the parents I can tell. Some just really don’t want to hear it. I have been fighting on the grounds of the curriculum in Secondary Math sets our kids BACK TWO YEARS. I have a huge black eye in the district with the math curriculum supervisor.

    We do have to wake up as many of our people as we can.

    1. I second that bravo Jill! It is sad that there aren’t more teachers AND more parents getting involved. As the saying goes, all it takes for evil to succeed is a few good people doing nothing.

  6. Thank you Jill for standing against common core I want my son’s children and my daughters children to be educated in a manner which will not be restricted and I want my children to have the right to say what their children receive in the classroom there is too much apathy about this in my mind I hope that people will wake up and realize that. we must demand that the state listen to the parents and the Federal government not have control over what our children learn.

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